Follow your Bliss… Are you in yet?

Follow your bliss….. 

Knowing what brings you joy is essential to living a life of happiness. 

Yet sometimes people will never give themselves permission to step into this.

Underneath all the burnout, underneath all the exhaustion, underneath looking after everyone else for so long, we can often end up losing ourself and our joy entirely….

Either because we’ve become so task orientated and robotic in our life, in order to keep everything under control and to just “get” through the day, that we start to miss the meaning and the purpose for it all.

Or we become so enmeshed in everyone else’s needs, desires, and what they are wanting that we totally end up losing ourself. 

I get it, I did it for years. 

And it was painful.

On the outside I looked happy, I looked like I had a good, happy, somewhat successful life. 

My previous husband and I had become debt free by the time I was 30. We owned our house outright and had cash in the bank.

My girls were amazing, aged 5 & 7 and I truly loved spending time with them and being a Mum.

Yet I was deeply unhappy internally. 

I’d really become a shell of who I was. 

I’d given and given to everyone else except myself. I wouldn’t allow myself to rest or stop because I felt so guilty if I did.

I literally used to run while I mowed the lawns on a Friday afternoon so that I could be done in time and have the house in perfect order, before I picked my girls up from school.

I was hell bent on trying to be perfect.

Trying to be the perfect Mum, the perfect wife…. 

All the while breaking my own heart by abandoning, neglecting, and betraying myself, not to mention the exhaustion I felt. 

I was so out of alignment with my own life, with my own values, with what was important to me.

I’d secretly buy spiritual books and hide them when I got home. 

They were my solace and what really kept me going. 

It can be so difficult when we feel that we need to hide so much of who we are in order to be accepted and fit in and when we are not in an environment with people that have the same or similar values.

We squish ourself down, and hope none of “the wrong stuff” eeks out…… 

Self-Love was my pathway out of that situation. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but the universe was working with me to create something amazing further down the track. 

I just started to love me more. 

I started exercising again and taking better care of my body. 

I started valuing and appreciating myself. 

This was the stepping stone that changed my life completely. 


Yes things had to fall apart somewhat, yet I am forever grateful for the space it provided for me to step fully into my authentic self and become who I’d always known I was deep down inside. 

I was a spiritual healer through and through, even though I denied this in myself for years. But this was my truest passion.

I dived into courses and study and built my own 6 Figure business from the ground up.

This was like coming home for me. 

Being so connected to my soul, so connected to my guides, so connected to what felt so deliciously right for me. 

I was following my bliss. 

And every time that something started to change a little, where something was no longer lighting my heart up anymore, I changed it up. 

I took my face to face biz online in 2016, so that I could take my girls away traveling on our holidays together. 

I tweaked and changed things until they felt aligned again for me. 

This is the pathway to the unraveling and unfolding of your true authentic self. 

Sometimes it’s messy, 

Sometimes things have to fall apart, to come back together in a more aligned way. 


It’s about aligning yourself with people who love you deeply for who you truly are.

Who supports you to be your best and to express your authenticity fully. 

Who are prepared and want to hear your honesty, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it might seem at the time. 

Who gives you full permission to be you, raw, real, and fully authentic, 

Who celebrate you sharing your messy emotions with them, 

Because they connect and resonate deeply. 


This is self-love.

Creating a life that you love, that is so fully representative of the truth of who you are. 


You are inherently worthy.

There is nothing you have to do.

You only have to be prepared to 





And to follow your bliss…


Your heart knows…. 

It’s just waiting for you to take the leap…. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal x

Are you in yet? 

The Warrior Goddess Self-Love School is the place to unleash your Authentic truth. 

To step into the power and energy that is you.

To step up and say yes to all of who you are. 

This will be an amazing container for you to heal past wounds, release old limiting stories and step into the truth of who you really are, the energy for you to uplevel and expand into this new state will bring you greater energy, greater freedoms, and open you up to new possibilities and tapping into your heart’s desires. 

Are you ready for 2022 to be amazing? Email me at to claim your place now! xox

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