“Funny but true story….”

Funny but true……

I once upon a time, actually believed that being able to weld, use a chainsaw and drive a Medium Rigid truck, would be so impressive and attractive to a man……

I remember writing these things proudly on my RSVP profile site, thinking that the more capable, the more independent, the more “together” I seemed, would be exactly what my ideal partner was looking for…..

What I didn’t realise, that whilst these were all worthwhile accomplishments, and things I was proud of, they were all masculine traits.

And whilst my partner appreciates those things, what my partner ACTUALLY loves the MOST about me, is my smile, my radiance, my playfulness and my super big heart that cares deeply, all of these being, my feminine traits….

I had no idea years ago, of how much I had been conditioned by society to gain approval through my masculine energy….

I received recognition and praise for success, for being driven, for my determination, for my focus, for how productive I was every day, for how much I got done…..

And, sadly I’d attached both my value and worth to all of these things….

This meant every time I felt the inner nudge to do something creative, to play, to rest, to enjoy life, I felt guilty.

I felt wrong and bad and lazy and that I wasn’t doing enough.

I’m still releasing my deeply entrenched fear of not being “successful enough or doing enough each day.” This fear occasionally pulls me into over striving, proving, pushing, and trying to make it all happen energy.

I catch myself pretty quickly these days, yet it still is a cycle of mine, I need to be consciously aware of.

Because it takes me straight back to exhaustion,

Straight back into feeling rigid in my body,

Straight back into tension in my shoulders,

Straight back into feeling overly serious,

That it’s wrong to play and have fun,

That it’s wrong to rest and nurture myself…..

And when I’m in that energy, I expect my body to be a robot.

To keep pushing through, no matter how much my body is letting me know I need to rest.

To keep going no matter what, and to be even more productive than the day before (otherwise, I’m failing…)

What a hamster wheel!!!

This literally leads to absolute burnout…

The female body was not built to:

(This is living in the masculine and whilst there are times in our monthly cycles that we can truly embrace the energy of absolute focus, determination and productivity, we are not meant to live that way continually and the body lets us know, by trying to get us to slow down….)

Living that way,

Is so disconnected from our heart centre.

Is so disconnected from the pure truth of our Feminine Essence.

Is so disconnected from living from our authentic truth and the magical nature of the divine Feminine.

We are magical beings!!

We have the ability to attune and feel things deeply,

We have the ability to RECEIVE and CREATE new LIFE!

We have the ability to be a CREATRIX for the DIVINE.

We have the ability to NURTURE and INTUITE.

We have the ability for pure FREEDOM,

In the JOY of our breath,

In the JOY of our belly,

In the JOY of our pleasure,

In the JOY of our FUN!

This is what brings the most incredible and nurturing energy to our bodies.

This is what heals our burnout.

This is what brings us back to the TRUTH of WHO WE ARE.

If you’ve got deeply held beliefs that have you feeling absolute guilt every time you rest, every time you want to nurture yourself or do something for yourself, it’s essential to get the support you need to let go of these limiting beliefs.

If you are exhausted, you are experiencing brain fog, waking up feeling an immediate sense of dread and overwhelm about the day, feeling that you can’t rest no matter how tired you are, that you’ve got too much to do, it’s time to get support with this.

You’ll need to heal your body mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to fully recover from burnout…

So many women end up pushing themselves to extremes…. The body eventually says no….

It eventually slows us down with a huge life-threatening disease or illness. Our body is our Soul’s messenger and if we don’t listen to it when it’s just a feather as a warning bell, we will get a brick or worse still a Mack Truck experience, that will slap us into awareness….

Don’t let that be you.

If you notice these signs or symptoms. Make sure you book a call with me today.

Let’s get you off the crazy Hamster Wheel, get you back to full health, and energy, and love your life again, and enjoy living from your most playful, joyful natural feminine self.

It’s time to take care of you beautiful. Book today, places are limited.

Click here Now!

Oceans of Love,
Sal x

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