Funny thing happened to me today…

Funniest thing happened today…

I went for a swim, but not just any swim.

Earlier on I was going on my lovely morning stroll, across the footbridge along the lake.

It was a stunning, beautiful morning, the water was glassy and shimmering, the sun was popping through the clouds and I was high vibing and full of gratitude for all that was happening in my life right now.

I grabbed out my phone to take a pic, and with it came my house remote (the only way I can get back into my house) and I gracefully watched it sail through the air, landing with a plop in the lake!

So, I did what any reasonable human would do right?!?

I went in after it!

I thought it wouldn’t be too bad, after all the water is only ankle to calf deep, I’d just take off my shoes, roll up my leggings, and waltz on in…
It sounded good in theory.

Part way through, I realised I was incorrect in my initial analysis of the situation, promptly landing myself in a sinkhole, going at least half a metre in mud, and up to my waist in the water…..

By this point, I’m laughing hysterically,

People are looking at me with the strangest expressions, wondering why I am walking UNDER the footbridge in the mud and water, instead of ON the footbridge and I am just cracking myself up…..

Long story short, I finally got it, walked back home, soggy shoes sloshing beneath me, and thankfully my wet remote opened the garage door!

I learnt a couple of things…..
1. Life is what you make it, how we respond to everything determines our experience.
2. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do….
3. Putting things off never serves, it generally will only make things worth it, rip that band-aid off baby and dive in!
4. People will not always understand what you are trying to do, and that’s ok.
5. Life happens and the messiness of it all is part of the journey, and humour makes everything better!

Hope this brought a smile or giggle your way,

Wishing you a super magical day,

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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Years ago, losing my remote in the water, would have brought me undone, at least for the day, I would have felt angry, embarrassed, stupid and so annoyed at myself, it’s such a joy, to be able to laugh at myself and the situation and just deal with it and move on!

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