Gratitude produces miracles…

Gratitude produces miracles…..

There is something so powerful, so palpable about the energy of gratitude.

It is often overlooked and underutilised as a salve to any situation.
Returning to Gratitude and appreciation, feels like coming home.

It feels like connection, love and a warmth that spreads through the entire body.

It feels like a deep relaxant and stimulant all at the one time, with no ill side effects.

Gratitude not only lowers our heart rate, stress and cortisol levels, but also increases our heart rate variability, which is an indicator of our ability to be more resilient in times of stress.

Sometimes it can feel challenging to deeply feel the energy of Gratitude, if we are quite low on the emotional scale it might be too big of a jump, and in that case I would suggest, doing your best to notice what is working well, or what would feel like relief right now?

Patting our animals such as puppies or cats can be a great way of relaxing into opening our heart energy more and being able to feel a sense of appreciation for them.

It honestly doesn’t matter what we are grateful for, it can be the teeniest, tiniest things, or the grandest and largest things, all that matters is our focus and where our thoughts are going.

You’ll also know I’m not an advocate for toxic positivity, or masking how we really feel to be bright and happy on the outside,

It rarely if ever works…. (I’ve tried )

Allow yourself to feel all the feels, and be where you are at, let the tears flow if need be, and then little bit by little bit, gently refocus on what perhaps you may be able to appreciate right now in this moment.

Is it the warmth of the sun on your face?
The nice hot cuppa in your hands?
Is it the snuggly blanket?

Or the softness of your bed?
Is it the food in your fridge?
Or the warmth of your shower?

Or your beautiful partner, or children, or loved ones?
Is it a lovely friend, or a kind stranger that smiled at you?
Is it being alive, right here, right now in this moment?

Is it the breath of life, that you’ve just taken into your body?
Is it the work or business, that is supporting you and your family?

Is it the pure joy of being alive,
Of having today,
To fully be present,

Wishing you a super magical day,

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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