Guess what I did today

Guess what I did today? 😉 

Yep, I put my Pj’s on at 2pm!

Haha, I know that probably sounds like TMI, however, bear with me.

You see, I learned many years ago, that doing things that help my body relax and feeling as comfortable as I could in my body ALSO supported my nervous system, especially when it came to my sensitivity. 

This is important because when our nervous system feels pushed, or on edge or we are living in the “fight/flight” response, it’s constantly pumping out more and more adrenaline to try and get through our day. (Becoming a huge cause and continued perpetuator of burnout and exhaustion.)

I also know that whenever I wear things that feel soft on my body, it also softens my strong, “get things done”, powerful masculine energy, into my radiant soft feminine energy, where my heart opens up even more and I feel blessed, loved and supported. Knowing the key things to do to come back into your feminine energy is one of the fastest ways to fill your own cup and if you are like I was, I had no clue, that I was literally living in my masculine energy for years and years. 

(If you are rigid in your body, tight across your shoulders and neck muscles, chances are you have been too.)

These two key things have changed my life and my health in surprising ways. 

I’ve experimented with so many things over the years in order to heal burnout, and find sustainable ways of being in the world, that align me energetically with my goals, and also support my overall wellbeing. 

Today, I give you permission to put your Pj’s on too! (Not that you need permission from me, but often we don’t actually allow ourselves, to do the things that really can make a huge difference.) 

If you are feeling super overwhelmed and burnt out, knowing exactly what to do, to regain your energy and wellbeing is even more crucial than ever before, with so much fear and uncertainty in today’s world, it’s imperative that you know how to be the master of your emotions. 

So many Mums are the barometer of the household. If Mum is doing well, the rest of the family is. If not, chaos tends to rein. 

If you know that you are feeling exhausted, but perhaps just don’t know why, if you are feeling that you constantly have to push yourself to motivate yourself to do anything, or worse still you are battling with debilitating brain fog at the start of every day, then please click on the button below to take care of you Gorgeous. 

If you have been waiting for a sign, I can promise you, this is it.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox 

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