Guess which relationship is going to impact you in life the most?

I used to look in the mirror and hate what I saw….

I would judge her,

Criticize her,

Scrutinise her,

Pick her apart and make her wrong.

I would feel immense shame for her,

I would see all the ways that she wasn’t enough,

That she didn’t subscribe to what societies portrayal of beauty was.

She wasn’t quite thin enough,

She had cellulite,

She wobbled in places,

There was so much that I would see, that was wrong about her.

I didn’t see her beautiful eyes,

Or warm smile,

Or lovely skin.

I didn’t see the love radiating out from her cells,

Or the depth of her heart,

Or the power of her intuitive gifts.

I didn’t see the light she gave to others, through her power to listen,

Hear, witness and be present.

I didn’t acknowledge the sensitivity and the depth of caring.

And it showed in what the world reflected back to me, about my relationship with myself.

I felt undervalued, not appreciated,

I felt that I gave and gave to others, and that it was rarely reciprocated at the depth and level that I truly desired,

Because underneath, I didn’t feel worthy.

I didn’t see her, my true authentic self,

I couldn’t acknowledge the beautiful and unique gift that she was to the world,

And so the world couldn’t acknowledge that either,









What we are thinking, feeling and believing about ourself, is self-creative.

It can be the most wonderful thing in the world, or the most painful.

I’ve lived in both and I can promise you, it is so worthwhile, overcoming our painful stories,

Especially the ones we hold about ourself.

Not only did it help me show up as a better version of myself for everyone else,

I finally felt proud of who I was,

But even deeper than that, I loved who I was.

I’m absolutely not perfect, (what even is that anyway?!)

I’m human AF.

I still have bad moods occasionally.

Things still trigger me at times.

Yet underneath it all, is a depth,

A container,

A safety net,

That I can hold myself in, when things get challenging.

And I can observe it all, (mostly without judgment)

I can see where my vibe is low.

I can see how I’ve been self-creative and attracted things that haven’t worked out for me and how the world is one big mirror for how I am feeling and for the relationship that I have with myself.

I can see how the world is showing me other parts of myself that still need some more love and healing and acceptance.

I can see how life is always bringing me what I need in order to become who I truly am.

Where can you lean into a little more love for yourself today?

Where might you be able to give yourself a little wink in the mirror and notice something divine about yourself?

Where might you be able to bring even more compassion and love to the parts of you that feel upset, triggered or unloved?

And just incase it’s a little harder for you to feel today, I’m sending lots of love your way too.

You are deserving,

You are inherently worthy,

You are a unique and vital part of this universe.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you’ve struggled with your sense of worth and inner critic, I know how that feels, and having the tools to free ourself from that, I believe should be taught in schools.

It’s such a critical piece to not only our sense of happiness but also absolutely impacts the type of relationships we will have, our financial well-being, and our health.

If you would love to get the tools to overcome your inner critic, to change your internal story to create a safety net of self-love for yourself, then my 5 Day Know your Worth course is for you!

Not only will it give you the tools for life to continue improving your relationship with yourself, but these are so critical to teach our kids.

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