Happiness comes from who you are being.

Your Soul does not care what you are “doing”, it only cares about who you are “being”.

This is such a huge piece of being able to experience long-lasting happiness.

For sure, you may experience the occasional fleeting happiness, when you achieve your “doing” goals, or are successful in some way, or get something that you desire when you are focused on

However long lasting, soul deep, authentic happiness, comes entirely from who you are BEING, while you are doing whatever you are doing.

The joy of doing comes from getting to express your BEINGNESS.

Most people follow the equation of “I need to do……. to have……then I can be happy.”

When we do this, it will always feel like you are missing something, and the happiness is only fleeting before we move the goal posts again.

When we are in connection with our soul when we know deep within our hearts the magnificence of who we are, the love that we are, the creativity that we are, the abundance that we are, the magic of who we are, and we express that in our daily lives, through our “doingness”,
Then pure joy arises.

This is why you can do the dishes feeling angry, resentful annoyed that the dishes need to be done.

Or you can do the dishes, as an expression of the love and gratitude that you have for your life, for your family, for the food, for the universe, for yourself, and who you get to be and have an amazing time doing the dishes!

Doing to prove our worthiness, to get approval, to finally one day hopefully be enough, all comes from the ego-mind.

There is no amount of “doing” that can produce happiness, or satisfaction from that place.

It is all about who we are BEING, whilst we are DOING.

Living and BEING true to our values.

When we don’t do this, we often unconsciously try to fulfill our needs in ways that actually go against our own morals and values, e.g., Emotionally eating to feel calmer and more secure in the moment, when you value your health long term. Then we become frustrated, angry, guilty, annoyed…..

By experimenting with these things, I have helped myself and thousands of clients over the years to get back in touch with their souls and to experience authentic happiness.

I truly believe, there is nothing more important in life because when we do this, we fall in love and deeply value, respect and honour ourself.

We love who we are and how we are showing up.

We feel proud of what we do every day, and no longer live in the resentment of feeling we “have to, need to, or should do” anything.

You act out of consciousness and a pure CHOICE of I “choose to”


And it’s when we feel that we are showing up as the best version of ourself.

And it’s also where the magic in life happens.

Synchronistic events show up,
We feel in flow,
We love our life and who we are,
We sprinkle that magic far and wide with everyone,
We support the world’s peace and love by our vibrational state and upliftment of those around us,

We manifest our dreams and goals with ease, flow, and joy.

I promise you, life is truly amazing, when you know the key tools and strategies to take yourself to this space daily.

To operate from Alignment and Soul Authenticity.

And it all starts by shifting our limiting beliefs.

By learning how to drop out of your ego-mind and come back to living from your heart and soul.

THIS is EXACTLY the 3-5 min process I’ll be teaching on MONDAY THE 11TH OF APRIL at 1 PM in my FREE ONLINE workshop.

To attend click the button below to join my free Facebook group, where I’ll be hosting the event.

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Oceans of love and magic,

Sal x

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