Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

In celebration of all the incredible and empowered women that have inspired me in my own life path. I have so much love and gratitude for these women, the lamp lighters, the ones that are willing to go first, the ones that truly ignited my own internal fire and support, encourage, and celebrate other women.

Thank you to all the amazing women in my life. I am so grateful and so blessed. xxx

An Empowered Woman

An empowered woman takes full responsibility for every aspect of her life.

An empowered woman shines her light and does not shrink in facing her purpose, responsibilities, and fears.

An empowered woman knows her worth and her truth

An empowered woman knows her values and what’s most important to her and lives her life with integrity and congruence.

An empowered woman has fierce strength and a wild heart that refuses to be tamed.

An empowered woman owns her entire being and knows her true power comes from love.

An empowered woman does not play the victim or blame others with excuses as to why her life is the way it is.

An empowered woman takes ownership of her life and brings her dreams and desires to life, she will not be stopped.

An empowered woman exudes and radiates inner confidence and yet is humble and filled with grace.

An empowered woman is strong yet soft because her strength comes from love, not force.

She experiences her emotions fully and speaks her truth, whilst listening with her heart to others.

She is not afraid to rock the boat.

She will stand up, not only for herself but for others that have not yet found their voice, with a fierce and kind heart.

She lives fully in the moment and chooses not to drag a bag from the past along with her.

She owns her shadow side and chooses the roles she plays consciously from desire, not duty.

She honours, respects, and loves her body and treats it as her temple.

She takes time to fuel her inner fire and embrace her gifts and creativity.

She laughs and plays often and lives with Gratitude as her motto.

She does not question if she belongs or is enough, she knows this as truth.

She is guided by her internal truth and powered by love.

She is committed to her learning, growth, and soul evolution.

And the Empowered Woman is made manifest in the very instant that she decides to be.

~ Sal Holden

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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