Have you always wanted to Create a 6 Figure Online Income?

Have you always known there’s more for you?

Have you always craved a deeper sense of Freedom?

Freedom of Time,

Freedom of Money,

Being able to work from anywhere?

Travel around the world?

Or be the Mumma you truly want to be to your beautiful kids, without the stress of trying to juggle a 9-5 job, or a business that just swallows your time up?

This, was in essence, exactly what drove me to creating my own business online.

Being the Mumma I wanted to be for my girls.

I absolutely wanted to experience everything with them.

I wanted to be able to pick them up from school and do school drop offs,

To attend school sports days,

I wanted to take them on School Holidays,

But being self employed with my own face to face clinic, meant not being paid if I took time off, or wanted to go away on holidays…..

As a single Mum, this just broke my heart.

I had to find another way and I did…..

It’s taken years of figuring things out,

Years of investing over $280,000 on courses and mentoring to figure out what I needed to, in order to be successful in this online space, but eventually I got there.

And for the last 7 years I’ve created a 6 Figure yearly Income and in the time of having my own Coaching/healing business, I’ve created more than 1 million in revenue through my business.

Something that I’m very proud of, and something that I’m also excited to expand even more into creating a 7 figure yearly income, with even more automation and leverage, giving me back even more of my time.

And to do that, I had to find another strategy, as my previous way of operating, honestly had me in full blown burnout a few years ago.

I’m never going to be in that situation again.

And that’s also why I’m so passionate about sharing one of the most incredible strategies I’ve come across in my last 12 years of being in business.

I’ve got so much that I want to contribute to and make a difference in, so many things I’m passionate about and money is an amazing tool in which we can do that with.

Money expands more of who you are and is a divine tool, that we can utilise to support our fullest expression of who we are and what we get to share in this world.

I have a massive vision of supporting women in many ways.

And one of the ways I truly wish to support women is helping them to step into their own financial empowerment.

After being in a very unhealthy relationship for 14 years, where I was very financially controlled, being able to create my own 6 Figure Income, has honestly been life changing.

Something shifts so dramatically inside you as a women, when you create this for yourself.

There is a level of confidence, a level of empowerment that is indescribable and honestly has changed my life in so many ways.

If you know you’ve been looking to create your own online business, or maybe to start a side hustle, having a secondary income in these uncertain times, then having the right strategy is paramount and having a step by step process and epic support and guidance along the way is key!!!

Don’t be like me trying to work it all out and adding years and years to the time frame and spending over $280,000 trying to find the answers.

If I’d have found this 12 years ago, I would have leapt in fully…..

To me it’s seriously a no brainer!

If you know that you want to build an incredible online asset that has the ability to pay your children LEGACY WEALTH,

If you know that you want to get your time freedom back, with incredible AUTOMATION and LEVERAGE.

If you know that you want to get your money freedom back with UNCAPPED EARNING POTENTIAL, I’m talking 6 figure months….

If you know that you want to get your location freedom back, being able to work wherever you want, whenever you want, building your business in the pockets of your time, or in and around being the Mumma you truly want to be to your kids,

If you are committed to creating your DREAM LIFE and finding a way,

Then make sure you email me Gorgeous at admin@sallyholden.com.au, to find out exactly what STRATEGY I’m using to support my future retirement, as well as creating greater wellbeing, money and time freedom for my life.

I promise it will be worth your time.

All the Love,

Sal x


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