Have you got it?

Imagine if you believed that by being healthy, you were actually being too greedy, by taking everyone else’s health….
It sounds absurd right!!! Yet this is what so many believe about money and I used to believe it too!

By truly allowing ourselves to be wealthy, we are taking “too much” of what is deemed our own fair share…

And that by receiving money from others, they are taking away that person’s resources….
As humans, we are taught to only take our “fair share of the pie”.

What most don’t realize, is that money is an infinite energy.
And that we each have our “own pie”.
And YOU get to determine how big that “pie” is!

You are determining how big your pie is, by what you believe is possible for you and what you believe ultimately that you are worthy and deserving of. (We are all inherently worthy and deserving, but it’s your own personal beliefs about YOURSELF, that impact this the most.)

The abundance is unlimited.
And each person is responsible for the amount of money that flows to them.

Through your relationship, thoughts, and beliefs about money, and the overall daily habitual emotions that you feel. (This is your frequency and vibration that affects how much money you allow yourself to receive.)

You are a divine conduit that gets to receive, and it is your energy, your beliefs, and your emotions about money, that allow that money to flow, or not.

Yes, we receive money from others, but when you believe that “they” are the source of your wealth, you are also limiting your supply.

There are so many ways that money can flow to us.
It is not your employer, your clients, your partner, your parents, or anyone else, that is your supply. YOU and your relationship with money, are what creates your supply that flows from everywhere and anywhere.

I’ve seen and heard so many get triggered on the subject of money and I get it, I used to as well.

From the disgust of “I don’t need money, or I’m not about money”
Ummm….. You know you are in a relationship with money right????

Imagine if you said to your spouse or partner, “I don’t need you in my life”. How long do you think they would stick around? Not exactly inviting energy.

And then there are the others who will think I’m greedy, or others will think I’m materialistic and superficial if I want or desire money.

Let’s be clear, nobody really wants a huge big stash of money for the sake of money. (Except for people that need a truckload of certainty in their life!!)

But even then, money is giving them certainty, through the sense of security that no matter what happens they will have enough, to pay for food, or to look after their family, pay for housing, or to pay for whatever they need. It’s what money can DO for them, rather than just having the money.

And this is the thing, if you don’t have a home for what you desire money for, chances are you won’t be calling more of it in. It’s not exactly exciting, to have just enough to pay all the bills, etc….

You want to make sure that you are calling in what you need, to fulfill your biggest goals, dreams, and aspirations!

Money gives us freedom, choices, and the ability to do immense good in the world.

When we haven’t yet taken FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves, it’s impossible to have enough to help others.

When you are still living in survival, fear, and lack, from feeling that you don’t have enough, or aren’t enough, or every month you are struggling to pay the bills, then it absolutely limits what we can do to help others.

Greed does not come from living in a heart-led state of abundance,
Greed comes from living in lack, fear, and scarcity.
And money is a neutral energy,

I get it, there are people in the world, that have used the money to do awful things, but most people forget that there’s also been tremendous good that has happened because of money also.

Every single thing you have in your house, all the clothes you wear, all the food you have, all the activities that you do, all the items you own, are all because money has paid for them, be it your own or someone else’s.

At this stage in our human evolution, money is an essential part of life.

It’s also an essential part of wealth, abundance, and living your dream life and if you have a negative relationship with money, it is doing nothing to support you, to truly set you free.

You cannot hate money, feel controlled by money, or resent money because you believe that you have to work for it – and then be able to attract more of it.

And if you feel triggered by or judge the F&%! out of someone that has money, or is talking about money, then you absolutely will be unconsciously pushing money away also.

I’m so passionate about this topic because it’s one of the least understood energies and the one that most people have the biggest challenge with.

I know what it’s like to really struggle with money, especially when I first became a single Mumma only earning $300 a week. I was terrified of it and had no idea how I’d ever change my situation.

I was so angry and frustrated by my situation, but most of all terrified of it. I felt controlled by money, I resented it and needed it, all at the same time…..

Changing my energy and relationship with money, by doing the inner work and by shifting into immense gratitude, not only for what I had but for what I believed was also on its way to me, changed everything.

I feel super called to share more on this topic, and I’ll be doing so by dropping a tonne of resources, free training, and books that have revolutionized my relationship with money, that have allowed me to not only create a 6 Figure biz year on year for the past 8 years but also recently match my biz income fully with passive income.

If you’d love to find out the affirmations I’ve used, the beliefs I’ve needed to switch, and how I’ve transformed my money situation over the years, then, join here today:

Join now!

I’m epically excited to see you in there and let’s create a new money story for you!!

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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