Have you healed your burnout yet?

Have you healed your burnout yet? 

If you are still struggling with this, it’s not your fault. Often when we are going through burnout we don’t even realise it. We end up with well-meaning but misguided information and cliché statements, like “chin up” or “you’ll be right” will just keep you stuck in this cycle longer and with even worse symptoms. 

One of the biggest reasons that keep people in the burnout cycle for years is that they have not addressed all the key areas that need healing to fully recover from burnout and to ensure that you don’t end up repeating this cycle again. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be running some trainings in my Free Thrive Facebook community to dive into these key areas and to give some powerful tips and bring new breakthroughs on healing burnout.

I hear from women regularly that have taken 12 months or even 3-5 years to actually heal their burnout. 

That’s such a long time to be battling with your physical energy and to not be able to live fully and passionately, let alone the long-term impact on mental, emotional, financially, and physical wellbeing and your loved ones. 

And the debilitating impact if you are running your own business!

Many of the clients that have been through my Thrive course have experienced a notable shift in their physical energy and their emotional wellbeing in as little as 3-4 weeks!!

Burnout does take time to heal, however, this can absolutely be massively improved in both time and effectiveness, through using tested and tried strategies and tools. 

To find out more about the 4 Main Key areas that are key to healing burnout, watch my video by clicking the button below. 

Watch it here!

And if you’re not yet part of the Thrive Community and you’d love some more tried and tested information on healing burnout, then click below to join this amazing community of women now. 

I’ll be sharing more about these 4 key areas in the coming days and weeks.

Click here to join!
Wishing you an amazing and wonderful day, 


Sal xox

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