Having a powerful vision is EVERYTHING!!!

If you do not have a powerful vision, that is waking you up with fire in your belly and lighting your soul up with passion and purpose you are totally ripping yourself off…..


It’s here right now for you….

To be lived,

To expand into,

To breathe into,

To dive into,

More than ever before….

Yet somewhere along the way in our adulting lives, we get beaten down.

We might have failed at something we’ve tried,

Or we might just be exhausted getting through and surviving the day…

I totally get it, we don’t even realise that bit by bit, year by year we are letting our biggest goals, dreams and visions slip away for what we had for our life,

All of our childhood dreams and possibilities slipping away.

Not knowing how it’s possible and losing so much self-belief, power and energy in the process.

It’s time to re-awaken those dreams.

It’s time to get so clear on what you want the next 5-10 years of your life to be about.

It’s time to figure out EXACTLY WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE!

From your HEART not your HEAD,

From OPENESS and POSSIBILITY, not shutting things down, because you don’t know HOW you could ever do that…..

I’ve heard so many people come to me over the years, they say, “I don’t know what I want…… “

And EVERY SINGLE time, they ACTUALLY do know what they want when I dive into this with them, they’ve just put a block to it, because they didn’t know HOW or they didn’t think it was POSSIBLE for them…..

BELIEF is everything…

BELIEF evokes and awakens PASSION and PURPOSE…..

BELIEF together with CLARITY about your VISION will have you FINDING a way….

Until then, we will shut it down,

Say we can’t or it’s too hard….

When you KNOW EXACTLY what you WANT.

When you KNOW WHY you DESIRE that outcome….

NOTHING can get in your way…..

It drove me like a MOFO when I got clear on my VISION when I first became a single Mum and my GIRLS were my WHY!!!

I’m more PASSIONATE than I’ve felt in years, I am so lit up, because not only do I have a NEW VISION I’m creating for myself, I KNOW in my HEART and SOUL that I will do it.

If you would like to be lit up,

To feel that FIRE & PASSION in your HEART & SOUL again,

You have to get CLEAR on your VISION,

You have to DECIDE to BELIEVE it’s POSSIBLE,

You have to STEP into taking ACTION…..

If you know you’ve been settling,

If you know you want more, but don’t know how, then PM me today or drop “REPLAY” below to watch one of the most INSPIRING and INCREDIBLE trainings that I’ve attended in ages.

It will light you up, it will help you step into clarity and it may just change your life, like it has for me and thousands of others…..

DM or send me an email at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message REPLAY below to get ACCESS today!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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