Hello 2023!

I’m back after an incredible 3 weeks of resting, napping, beaching, holidaying, traveling, family (if that’s even a word!) and in general filling my bucket entirely, with things that nurture me and light my heart up.

I’m excited to dive into 2023, with more energy, more clarity, and more growth and expansion.

2022 was a tough year for so many, including myself.

It taught me fortitude and tenacity,

It taught me to get re-aligned with every area of my life again and the consequences if I’m not.

It taught me perseverance,

It taught me the importance of clarity, vision, and a big way to anchor back to.

It taught me to rest, rest and rest some more.

It taught me that the only way to move forward is from a place of alignment, otherwise, it is seriously like pushing shit uphill.

This year is about even more layers and filters coming off.

Really leaning toward being more me, raw and unfiltered,

This year is about ease, flow, and joy.

This year is about aligning myself in every area of my life again.

This year is about family.

This year is about financial freedom.

This year is my year of inspiration.

In-Spirit, dropping into deeper surrender, deeper flow with trust and faith in life and with love,

This year is about becoming a better version of myself.

Not from a place, of lack, or not-enoughness,

But from a place of genuine self-love, growth, and expansion…..

I’m excited to see what unfolds,

The magic is already happening…..

Wishing you all the most incredible 2023!!

I’d love to hear, what you are most excited about in 2023!

What are you creating?

What is your word for 2023?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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