Here’s the big news I promised!!!

For the last 4 months, I have been learning and building a way to leverage and create an additional income online!

I have gone all in, in the pockets of my time and instead of falling in the Facebook scroll hole on social media, I decided to use my time even more wisely and get paid online instead!

When I’m not working with my beautiful Thrive Coaching Clients, helping them overcome burnout and exhaustion, I am building this secondary online income, in tiny snippets of time in my day.

As many of you know I’m a morning person, so I just love I can get in, do what I love and then still have quality time to spend with Tim, my girls and my Dad, or head to the beach, or go paddleboarding!

Even though people may have doubted me, or wondered what the heck I’m doing, I know they’re not the ones that are going to pay my bills or be responsible for me living my dream life! – That’s my job!

I’ve continued to invest spare hours each day with very intentional activities that are all assisting me to get even closer to living even more of my dream life, especially more time and financial freedom!

  1. Creating content
  2. Recording Videos
  3. Chatting with you, my beautiful soul tribe
  4. Reading
  5. Studying and upleveling my mindset
  6. Implementing
  7. Working with my incredible mentors and having some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve had in years!

Once I saw the income potential and being able to create LEGACY WEALTH for my girls, I became OBSESSED and excited for even more of my future goals and dreams to come into fruition and I love being in that amazing space of flow and alignment, as it just doesn’t feel like work at all.

I am so focused and the results are already starting to come in.

I have gone from really stressing about the fear of burning out again, anytime I was trying to increase my income in my coaching business and to be honest a lot of money fear was also tied into that for my future.

Feeling that there, was no way out for me, to be able to create the space and time that I desired to really take time to travel Australia in our van and fly in our trike with my love and to be able to retire him from doing his crazy 80 hour weeks at the mines, where he is just feeling so burnt out and exhausted.

To not really knowing how I was going to create my retirement plan for the future. I had some ideas, but nothing I felt really solid and certain about.

To knowing I still absolutely wanted to be helping people, but definitely with even more sustainability, flow and ease.

My mindset has shifted completely, massive thanks to amazing trainings, my incredible mentor and an epic community!

I have cleared more money blocks in the last 3 months, than I have in years.

I am more confident, excited and in alignment again!

My energy has shifted so much!

I feel so passionate and excited about everything again!

I know in my heart of hearts, that my future is certain. That what I’m creating is a legacy for my family, especially my girls and potential future grandchildren.

I’ve made more in my first month, than I did in a WHOLE YEAR of building a low-ticket network marketing biz. (That was a lot of hours and a lot of hustle, for $20-$50 commissions.)

I’m supporting others with their first sales online!

I have unleashed a new passion, power and vision for my future that feels AMAZING!!!

It won’t be long until I hit my goal of 6 Figures in this business!


So why am I sharing this with you?



And I’ve decided to show my beautiful soul tribe, how I’m creating an income with my laptop, location free, whether I’m in my van at the beach, visiting my family, or on the lounge at home.

*Hint: the formula we are utilising has helped many people across the world quit the 9-5, build multiple streams of income, create the life of their dreams, buy their dream homes, travel the world, give back generously and put them on a path to creating generational wealth…. So this stuff works incredibly well!

I’ve put together a high level 18 min overview video that explains exactly what I do and I can support you to do this!

f you’d like to see exactly how this can work for you too, email me at and I’ll send you the info through email!

Love and Abundant Blessings,

Sal x

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