Honoring your Divine Feminine

Today I’m honouring my sacred bleed.

Why on earth would I want to announce this publicly?

Because of the years and years of feeling shame, feeling wrong, feeling dirty as a woman, for something that is such a natural and normal part of our life and without it, I wouldn’t have been able to experience and bring to life the biggest miracles that I’ve ever experienced, in the birth of my two daughters.

It’s something I feel deeply called to talk more about, because feeling disgusted or shame, of any part of ourself, causes fracturing within ourselves and our ability for self-love and wholeness, and connection to our own inner power and life force energy.

When we dissociate, hate, loathe, or feel so much resentment and anger at our female body, we cause ourself and other women, especially our daughters, great damage.

We deny our most potent power, our cyclic nature,

We become encumbered with numerous female gynecological issues,

We experience heavy, painful bleeding and fibroids,

We experience extreme PMS and other symptoms,

We experience depressive and anxious states,

We diminish ourselves and our most creative gifts,

We dismiss our own needs, desires, and pleasure,

We feel a sense of shame for who we are and for our bodies.

Reconnecting to our most potent power, our feminine nature,

Is like taking the biggest drink of cool refreshing water, after being stuck in a desert with no rain, for days on end.

We are parched and so depleted as a society of women, and don’t even know it.

And yet the moment you start replenishing yourself,

It’s as if for a second you can’t get enough of it.

After years of dismissing, diminishing, and squishing ourself into a tiny box,

Conforming to society’s ideals of what and who we are expected to be,

Suddenly you find your freedom.

You breathe deeply.

You feel everything from grief to rage, to pure unadulterated joy and pleasure.

You open,

You see with such clarity.

You know with pure truth,

Your truth.

You follow your heart,

You are deeply connected to your intuition,

You find your voice,

You share your needs,

You attract your soul mate tribe and truly nourishing relationships,

No longer being drained from being the pleaser or the good girl, constantly being undervalued and underappreciated, with little to no reciprocation of what you give.

You expand ginormously with a love for yourself and for life,

With a powerful life force energy pulsating through you, no longer blocked by stagnant and stuck energy,

You become your most empowered self,

And you act on it daily.

Honouring your bleed, your womanhood, your divine feminine, your sacred pleasure,

Will add an incredible power, indescribable energy not only to your life,

But to the world…..

When we heal our relationship with ourself and our divine feminine,

We heal the world.

Who’s with me on this?

What’s one small or big thing you can do today, that honours the sacred feminine within you?

Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


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