Honoring your Feminine Cycle

Honoring your Feminine Cycle is so important….

I had become robotic and just moving through the motions…
I was just used to pushing through…

It didn’t matter what day of the month it was, I expected myself to perform with the same or even better productivity levels than the day before.

I would feel so tired, yet I would continue pushing.

At the gym some days I felt I could easily do a PB, other days I struggled to just lift the bar.

My partner and I would seem to end up in the same monthly cycle in our relationship.

Me getting teary and angry or frustrated at some point, closing off and shutting down.

I was so frustrated as to why this kept happening.

And because I didn’t get it, or understand why I felt the way I did, sometimes I would send myself silly into over analysing and over thinking endlessly about why I felt that way.

I was so frustrated as to why some days I could focus so easily, feel in absolute flow and other days I struggled to focus and felt that I was so slow and not being productive at all.

Not to mention, every month, just feeling endless fatigue that wouldn’t lift, no matter how much sleep I got.
It felt it was all happening randomly,

Until I learnt this one thing…..

How to track my cycle….
But not only tracking my cycle, knowing my monthly cycle intimately.

And then learning how to HONOR it and WORK with it with my BODY, not AGAINST it…..

Knowing how much my hormones impacted my ability to focus,
Meant no longer EXPECTING myself to be able to be super focused and productive on some days.

It meant that I could lean into being more creative and tapping into my feminine flow and allowing it to guide me even more than normal.

Knowing when my hormones dropped on day 17 after ovulation, that generally that also meant tears and anger and I could allow those emotions and feelings to process in my body without incessant analysing and without looking for someone or something to blame….

Knowing that on day 22, I always got a clear look at the truth and a reality check, of all the little issues I may have not dealt with during the month, or that I had unconsciously suppressed, came into glaring truth for me to see and therefore to do something about.

To Know that it was best to plan my work events and schedule a lot into my days from day 7 to day 21, because that’s when my hormones were peaking and my testosterone was also high, meaning I could FOCUS, I could get so much DONE, I felt unstoppable and absolutely so CONFIDENT.

To know that on day 25, I would be very, very hungry and to listen to my body and fuel it with great food and not beat myself up for feeling that I was eating too much.

To know that on Day 27 to Day 5 I’d be retaining a lot more fluid and to not give my squishy belly a hard time, or beat myself up on the scales….

To know that I could schedule time out on days 27- day 4 to rest and to take care of my body, because when I do that, my body feels AMAZEBALLS for the rest of the month and when I don’t, I physically struggle with tiredness for the rest of the month….

To know that I will want to close off and be a little more withdrawn from my partner from day 21 to day 28 so that I could let him know in a more loving, gentle and super communicative way, instead of just going cold and withdrawing, when neither of us knew what was happening.

There is SOOOOO much value in not only, knowing your cycle, but VALUING and HONORING every stage of the feminine cycle.

We have so much wisdom in our feminine bodies.

Every single month going through a rebirth and death cycles again and again.

Taking those times to release what is no longer needed, to take time to plant the seeds and ideas and then to have the energy and right divine timing to act on those things, without getting into push energy.

Without needing to PROVE who you are, or that you are good ENOUGH, without letting the anxiety and drop in CONFIDENCE in the last week of your cycle mean that you are a failure and never going to get there, or comparisonitis takes over and affects your mental wellbeing.

There is so much GOLD in understanding this!
And for your partner, being able to share with them, where you are at…..
What a blessing for your relationship.

No longer taking your hormonal withdrawal or tears or rage personally.

Or being able to communicate about it, understanding exactly what’s going on inside your body.

This is the gift of the FEMININE.

And the MOST IMPORTANT part is that, if we don’t HONOR this, if we don’t heal our stories that keep us stuck on the hamster wheel of continual pushing and striving and expecting our bodies to function like a robot, we end up in burn out.

With bigger symptoms and more and more fatigue as the months go by.

Feeling less radiant,
Less joy,
Less laughter,
Less playful,
And feeling like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Burnout exacerbates hormonal issues along with peri-menopause and menopause.

Because of the bodies need for constant cortisol from stress and not taking the time to replenish our bodies with rest, fun and play, it diminishes our hormonal production.

Making our cycle more and more challenging with ongoing fatigue.

If this is you, you may want to check if you are at risk of Burnout, by taking this short 5-minute Quiz to see where you may be sitting.

(This is not a medical diagnostic tool) This is merely an indicator of the symptoms you may be experiencing and to what degree you may be experiencing burnout.

Click the button below to take the short Quiz.
Take the quiz!

And if you would love to understand your cycle on a day to day basis to know and be able to understand yourself and what your hormones are doing and what you can expect your emotional “weather” to be like each day, then I would love to gift you your Freecycle chart.

This is based on Lisa Lister’s Code Red book which I highly recommend as a valuable tool for honoring the feminine within. Click below to access this amazing gift now.
Access it here!

Wishing you a magical weekend,
Sal x

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