Honouring, Valuing and Respecting Ourself….

This comes from knowing your personal boundaries.

This comes from asking yourself the question, What would someone who honoured, valued, loved and respected themselves do today/in this situation?

The world will always reflect back to us the story and beliefs that we have told ourself.

That is why our beliefs and personal narrative we hold, need to be empowering ones if we are wanting to live a joyous and satisfying life.

We’ve unconsciously attached meaning to all of the events in our lives.

Some of these meanings that we unconsciously created were about how we are not enough, how we are not lovable, or accepted for who we are.

They are painful.

I’ve held these ones too, the biggest one for me, was that “I am fat and ugly and no-one will love me.”

I held that one so strongly in my mind, believing with absolutely every cell in my body that it was true from age 13 to 32…..

Questioning our disempowering beliefs is the most important inner work, that you will ever do for yourself.

It is a skill for life.

And it is so necessary to teach our children, so they can free themselves from these painful beliefs.

The biggest human suffering is created from the feeling or belief that “we are not enough.”

It’s our biggest fear and we all have our own personal story as to why we believe that is true.

Overcoming this, sets you free.

It allows you to drop so deeply back into your own heart.

It allows you to connect with others with deep compassion and love, rather than guardedness and defensiveness.

It allows you to embrace empathy for every human being, knowing

we all have the same fear.

It allows you to finally be free of fear and to live life authentically.

What would you do differently today if you honoured, valued, loved and respected yourself at the highest level?

How would you treat yourself?

What would you say to yourself?

What would you give yourself permission to do?

What habits or behaviours would you let go of?

You have the power right now Gorgeous to embrace this for yourself.

I had a powerful reminder yesterday of this and that’s also why I wanted to share this with you today.

I’ve struggled over the years to really own my value and to not drop into guilt and shame and feel that everything is my fault.

Changing these beliefs and releasing these life-long patterns has been life changing for me.

And I want to share that gift with you also.

It brings so much deep peace.

It brings so much deep joy.

It attracts incredible opportunities to you.

It allows you to feel deep calm inside and to let go of trying to control the outside world.

It empowers you to stand in your own truth.

It empowers you to use your voice.

It empowers you to be authentically you, unapologetically.

It empowers you to help create a beautiful new world and transform humanity, to live from a greater place of love, kindness and peace.

It’s all within you.

It starts by asking the question,

What would I do today if I were already honouring, valuing, loving and respecting myself fully?

Oceans of love,

From my heart to yours,

Sal x


If you know that you’ve got some deep inner work to do, to begin truly honoring and valuing yourself, that you’ve been so exhausted from people pleasing, saying yes to everyone else except yourself and you are feeling so tired, stressed and burnt out.

I invite you to book a call to chat with me today, about HOW you can FREE yourself and overcome these patterns, as well as gifting these skills to your children.

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