How and why to stop worrying about your kids!

How and why to stop worrying about your kids!

Do you worry about your kids?

Worry is one of those things that seems to go hand in hand with parenting.

I’ve constantly had to retrain my brain in this area, if our kids or loved ones are having a hard time, often the first place I go, is worrying about them.

You too?

I know, it’s so hard to stop, isn’t it? We can often tell ourself, that I only worry because I care so much, and I truly get it.

I have seriously robbed myself of so much precious time, energy, fun, and joy over the years of raising them, from being in this state of worry, until I learnt how to change it.

Worry is always fear-based, even though the intent comes from love. However, it ends up sending an unconscious message that disempowers our child or loved ones, to be able to face the challenges they are going through. They equate our fear with it means it must be really big, bad, and scary and maybe I won’t be able to handle it and I won’t be ok.

This actually diminishes their courage and belief that they can actually handle whatever challenge they are experiencing.

It doesn’t provide them with a solid base of security and certainty in their life and they will pick up on this in their nervous system and vagus nerve.

This can lead to children being entrained into a constant state of worry, I truly believe that this is just one of the reasons why anxiety seems to be escalating at an all-time high also.

We’ve picked up unconscious fears from our own Mums, constantly worrying about us and if you are sensitive, this will have impacted you even more.

I’ve found that the most powerful thing I can do for my children and loved ones, is imagined and think about the positive outcomes for them.

Not only does it stop me from going into a state of fear and worry, (which keeps me in a healthier happier state) but often solutions appear when we are focused on the outcome we desire most, instead of the problem.

Teaching our children this is so powerful.

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If you’ve been in a constant state of worry, fear and stress, I know it can be hard to break that cycle.

Yet it’s so important to, as it keeps us in a state of hypervigilance, leading to exhaustion.

This means we are on edge, feel jumpy a lot of the time, always catastrophising or going to the worst-case scenario.

We can unconsciously end up attempting to even control our children, as a way of helping ourself feel better.

Our mind can run off with terrible stories that create even more fear in our bodies.

In time, this massively impacts our endocrine system, exhausting our adrenals and creating greater and greater inflammation in our body.

Often leading to burnout, experiencing brain fog, tiredness, lethargy, loss of motivation, feelings of depression and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, loss of confidence, social withdrawal, unable to make decisions easily, relationship issues, and financial impacts long term.

Not to mention how impatient and snappy we can become with our loved ones and family and often feel like we are so alone with what we are experiencing.

Worry and fear, are very low energy states and when we continue pushing forward in life from these emotions, we become very tired and exhausted and eventually drop into feeling that we are only just surviving.

If this is you, one of the most important things to master, is how to change your emotional state.

How to let go of fear and worrying thoughts and beliefs.

Imagine feeling so free, so light, and living life in a state of joy and gratitude?

Healing the physical body and knowing exactly what you specifically need in order to heal it.

Imagine waking up, bouncing out of bed, no longer dreading the day, but feeling so excited about what’s ahead and loving your life, and feeling so good in your body.

Reconnect with your heart, your intuition, and yourself again, to receive the higher guidance in your own life.

Imagine living from a state of divine guidance, and a deep intuitive knowing, never second-guessing yourself again, but truly being able to make decisions that are aligned with your soul path.

To get back to living your life in a way that is reflective of your authentic self and doing the things that bring you joy and happiness.

All of these things and way more are possible for you when you heal yourself from fear, worry, stress, and burnout.

Now more than ever, it is so important to get the tools and the skills, so that you can share this with your beautiful children, to empower them to live the life of their dreams!

If you are committed to making a change in your life, to reclaim your energy, and letting go of living from stress, fear, and worry, then email me at or click the button below to book a Complimentary Free 45 minute Consult Call with me (Valued at $247).

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Together we will get clear on what is really draining your energy and keeping you stuck and create a plan on exactly what you need to do, to move forward and heal your body.

You deserve it,

And you are totally worth it.

Oceans of Love,

Sal xx

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