How do you start your day?

How you wake up each day, sets the tone and energy for the day….

This was never more true for me than when I was going through massive burnout.

I was waking up with high levels of anxiety, and dread, and completely overwhelm,

Everything felt so hard and difficult because I truly lacked the capacity and energy I needed to do the things that I believed I needed to get done for that day,

Both as a Mum, and a business owner, let alone being a partner, daughter, and friend.

I’m so glad that I had built such a solid morning routine for myself as years and years as a Kinesiologist and coach, prior to going through burnout,

As it was foundational to my recovery and healing.
If you are currently going through burnout, I would absolutely emphasize and prioritize getting quality sleep.

However not to the point that you are running yourself late every morning, or feeling so stressed because now you are on the back foot, running trying to catch up….

That will massively negate any extra rest you got, through the stress that’s created in the morning all over again.

Over the years I’ve tweaked and changed my morning routine, depending on where I was and what I was experiencing in my life, however, I’ll pop below, many of the things that have been really helpful to me over the years.

1. Planning my day – A must for anyone wanting to achieve their goals! (Some days this is a loose plan – more feminine flow, other days this is very structured – very masculine doing energy, again this depends on my energy levels for the day. The higher my energy levels are, the more structure and commitments I have, the lower my energy the looser my structure and I minimize what commitments I plan.

2. Journal and Gratitude – These two things have never wavered, no matter how much other parts of my routine have changed. I journal on all sorts of things but mostly have daily questions that I ask myself, including visualizing my dream life. – Let me know if you’d like these questions or journaling prompts.

I express Gratitude for what I’ve already received and for what I’m calling! – Gratitude is one of the most underutilized superpowers we have!!!

3. Running the Emotional Guidance Scale – This is powerful when I do it daily.

4. State my affirmations with emotion and energy while listening to epically empowering music! Really opens and activates the heart!

5. Clearing limiting beliefs that are disempowering me or producing a lower energy emotional state.

6. Morning walk – Generally 20 mins, I take in my surrounds, connect with source energy, say thank you for support and guidance, and open my heart and my senses to the present moment. I also like to smile a lot at other morning walkers and send them silent blessings for a magical day. (And I listen to a fabulous Abraham Hicks recording each morning on my walk: )
7. Workout using weights: I’ve varied this over this the years, depending on my energy levels, I currently do a quick 15-20 min session with 5kg dumbells and only do this 3-4 times a week, again depending on where I’m up to in my cycle.

8. HIIT – I’ve recently incorporated a 12 min High-Intensity Interval training into my morning routine, I cannot believe the difference it’s making to my energy levels throughout the day. Did you know doing a 12 min 30-sec high-intensity 90-sec active rest x 6, produces HCG (Human Growth Hormone – aka the fountain of youth!) for the next 24 hours? – Powerful benefits!

9. 20 min Sauna whilst reading or listening to a great book

10. Cold Shower

11. Nutritious Breakfast with good quality protein, fats, and carbs

12. Previously I’ve also incorporated meditation ranging from 15 mins to an hour and a daily yoga flow of about 15 mins.

13. I’ve also done things like the Luminosity App, which trains the brain and improves cognitive abilities

14. Practised hand stands and splits for increasing strength and flexibility

15. Sat in the sunshine with a morning cuppa taking in the day

16. Jumping on a rebounder, whilst watching my goal movie!

17. I’ve also gone for a 5 or 10km run under the stars

18. I love to fill up my water bottles for the day (3L)

Clearly, you don’t have to do any of these things! You may have other things that totally light your heart up and help you raise your emotional energy and set your intentions for the day.

Years ago, my morning routine started with just 10mins a day of reading an empowering book. That was life-changing for me.

The above list is comprehensive and as mentioned I definitely don’t incorporate ALL of those things every morning, I generally allow about 2 hours a day though, as I’m normally up at about 4 am.

If you’ve never had a morning routine, I’d really invite you to just start with one thing, a great book, a moment of gratitude, 5-10 mins of meditation, and planning your day, any one of those will be a great help to you.

And with all of that being said, from my heart to yours today especially I’m sending you love and blessings and wishing you a magical day!

Sal x

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Can’t wait to see you in there and share so many more powerful things I’ve discovered over the years, that has guided me towards experiencing more and more joy in my life. Xx

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