How do you want to feel?

How do you truly want to feel in life? 

Most people spend a lifetime chasing external things, to finally satisfy an internal feeling, that they have been longing to feel. 

Wanting more money, so they can feel safe and secure and certain.

Wanting a wonderful relationship, so they can feel loved, 

Wanting more time, so they can feel more free….. 


Whilst none of these things are wrong,  all of these things are absolutely wonderful, however putting off, your feeling state, UNTIL you get these things, is what trips most people up and keeps them stuck in lack, fear and scarcity. 

Constantly yearning for a time when life feels easier, or when I get through this….. Then I can relax, then I will be happy, then I will be successful….. 


The truth is our feelings are fleeting, they are constantly changing depending on both our internal and external world. 

This is also why, when you have not taken the time to master your emotional state and feelings, WHEN you finally create what it is that you’ve been longing for in the external world, the feelings are fleeting and our achievements and goals, end up feeling very empty and hollow. 

This is because we’ve not practised feeling the feelings on a day to day basis. 


Each day that you are currently living, IS YOUR LIFE compounded. 

Therefore, if you are not feeling great today, if you are putting off your happiness, for some far in the distance result that you are hoping to achieve or create, then that is truly putting your happiness off for a future time….

Not only that, it also takes us out of flow, it continues to create the same results again and again in our life, because of the Law of Attraction. We always attract and create situations equal to our feeling state.

The most powerful gift you can ever give yourself is to learn how to feel the feelings you long for and desire the most, on a daily basis, without anything having to change in your external world. 

This is the power of emotional mastery and being able to master your inner world. 

A huge contributing factor to this is Self-Love, if you are not loving who you are and how you are showing up, this really impacts your feeling state. 

There is nothing like the deep feeling of connection with our own sense of value, self-worth and love to rock the day! 

And as I’ve experienced myself it’s never a one-time certificate! It’s something that must be practised daily, just like going to the gym to build muscle. 

We are building a mastery of emotions muscle, sometimes the weights will feel extra heavy, sometimes you’ll feel tired and you won’t want to do it, sometimes you’ll hit all of your PB’s and feel in total flow and the whole thing will feel effortless! 

This is not about changing who you are, 

It’s actually about embracing the truth of who you are!

It’s about unravelling and unlearning all of the painful thoughts about yourself that you’ve taken on over the years that are holding you back and impacting your own sense of lovability. 

It’s about stepping into your Warrior Goddess Light worker self and reclaiming your full power.

It’s about stepping into your higher self and letting her activate you at your core,

It’s about listening to your inner guidance, instead of your ego/fearful survival mind, 

It’s about coming back home, 




You were always there, just waiting for yourself…. 


To sink into the depth of love that’s available for you inside, 

To drink in the well of wisdom and knowledge that arises from that small quiet voice within, 

To feel into the ocean of your intuitive and feminine flow.

This is what Self-Love is, 

This is what embracing your Warrior Goddess is, 

Knowing who you are so clearly, 

So strongly,

That when those fleeting ego mind’s thoughts arise, 


You stop,

You breathe,

You Re-centre,

And you Re-Claim your heart again once more.

What feelings do you long for most in your life?

What’s one thing you could do today, that would help you experience more of that feeling? 


With Love and Blessings, 

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox


Self-Love Warrior Goddess School is in!

We are kicking off on the 4th of January, you absolutely will want to be in this if, 

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4 Weeks of deep diving, to heal your wounds, reclaim your power and shine your light. 

Are you ready? 


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