How I take care of my mental health in challenging times

As a society, we are only just now beginning to truly understand the impact of chronic stress on the nervous system and how this is stored in the body.

In particular, childhood adverse events, and how this has a big impact on things like obesity and the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and especially chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and burnout.

When our ego/survival mind develops coping mechanisms in order to protect and keep us alive in certain situations we differ from animals in the wild that can express and process the energy very quickly through their nervous system, after a potential threat to their life has been made.

Most people have been taught as humans that this self-expression via our emotions is not appropriate or okay.

Quickly being told to “just get on with it” or “stop crying”, many people have been shamed for feeling and expressing their emotions and were often sent to their rooms as children until they felt happy again.

Children do not automatically know how to regulate their emotional state or their nervous system.

Often a lifetime of living in the flight/fight response is set up in their nervous system, especially when facing big overwhelming emotions and not having a regulated emotional presence, and available parent that could support the child to regulate their nervous systems and find safety, comfort and reassurance with their child.

Adults who haven’t been taught how to regulate their nervous system and safely process their emotions often avoid their feelings through coping mechanisms.

Cycles of overworking, addictions, gambling, drinking, smoking, overspending, and emotional eating for example are a way of trying to suppress and avoid our real painful feelings that are often buried deep inside.

The problem is our body stores all of this stuck unprocessed energy and our nervous system remembers the triggers.

Feeling that you have to constantly be busy, productive, constantly achieving, or proving your worth or value is exhausting. 😓

It’s a pattern that I’m deeply familiar with and have had to do a lot of inner work on myself, to allow myself to relax, take time out and actually rest.😅

I’ve noticed that a lot of the clients I work with have seemingly done this their entire life as well, and it all seems to radically catch up with them about the age of mid-thirties to late forties and fifties.

Their adrenal reserves are no longer able to adequately sustain them, and often coinciding with perimenopause, this can add a whole lot of exhaustion to the mix with hormonal levels dropping, that were already at very low levels, due to the depletion that occurs to our reproductive hormones when living in constant stress.

I’ve found the only way to exit the hamster wheel for good, is through the following:

1. Change our conditioning and programming – the beliefs that are keeping us tied to cycles of overworking, shame about expressing emotions, or believing that you have to be responsible for everyone and everything. 🤯

Our mindset and belief systems are the glue that keeps all the patterns and cycles in place, repeating themselves over and over again, until we heal the root cause of unhealed trauma.

2. Reparenting the parts of ourselves that felt ashamed for resting, having our own needs and desires, and for feeling our emotions, and for being our most authentic self. 👩‍👧

3. Healing the physical body and nervous system. In many cases, this also includes rewiring our neural pathways to down-regulate old triggers and supporting our body to feel safe internally and in our environment. ❤️‍🩹

4. This also means setting healthy and appropriate boundaries and limits for ourselves, especially in relationships with others.

5. Rebuilding resilience and capacity again in a way that supports, our healing without overdoing things.

6. Returning to joy, enhancing creativity and possibility again with a clear and compelling future.💓

And that’s exactly why I created my 28-Day Mini Thrive program. It addresses all of these key pathways for healing and gives the foundational steps to heal your burnout.

In this program, you will:

• Immediately start to increase and regain your energy

• Set healthy boundaries

• Improve your self-esteem and rebuild your self-confidence

• Get out of overwhelm and anxiety

• Wake up feeling energised and excited about your day

• Get your clarity of mind back and make decisions easily

• Radically Improve how you feel every day

• Discover exactly what has been the root cause of your burnout

• Learn what causes inflammation, brain fog, and neurotoxicity

• Heal and regulate your nervous system

• Let go of feeling that you are not enough

• Have the tools and strategies to heal your past trauma

• Reclaim your Health, Energy, and Vitality again

• Improve your relationships with your loved ones and team

• Experience deep restorative sleep

• Learn how to shift your mindset and heal your inner critic

• Rediscover a sense of joy and passion for your life again

Here’s what one Thrive Participant said about my 12-week Program:

“I was just going, going, going. Not sleeping, I thought I was in a great place, but I wasn’t, I didn’t know why and I couldn’t figure it out. I was depressed, lazy, tired, and sore, and had joint pain and migraines. I was just a mess and I was burned out, but didn’t know it.

I was going to doctor after doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong. they were telling me to take this pill, take that pill. I’m off four medications, I have zero pain, and unless I find myself under stress, I can now figure out what’s going on and change it.

I have found my own personal strength and calmness and I just accept myself which I really never did before, I was always thinking I wasn’t good enough. I accept help from others now too which is something I never did before.” ~ Rose Veltri

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Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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