How I’ve fully replaced my income.

OMG! I feel so grateful and so blessed!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve matched my 6 Figure Coaching Business income, entirely with PASSIVE income!

No selling,
No social media is needed,
No daily posting,

Just earning daily rewards, whilst I eat, sleep, and play, which converts into fiat dollars!

My original goal was to do this over the next 3 years, and it is mind-blowing to me that it’s happened in just 9 months.
Years ago, I had a goal of being debt free by 30 (owning our house outright) and having the ability to retire by 42. (I knew I’d probably want to keep working, but I wanted the choice and freedom.)

I had no idea how that was going to happen, it was just my vision for myself.

My former husband and I achieved being debt free by 30.

And then I became a single Mumma a year after that……

And my plan kinda went awry for the next chapter of my life.
I was in debt again with buying a house as a single Mumma, and at the time, was only earning $300 part-time.

I knew things radically had to change.

I’ve done tonnes of work on my mindset over the years to pull me out of the victimhood that I had plummeted into when it felt like my world fell apart. (My beautiful Mum passed away at the same time my marriage disintegrated.)

I’ve also radically improved my relationship with money.

And I’m massively open to new opportunities that support me to either leverage, automate or give me more time freedom as well as doing work that I love, with people I love to work with.
My coaching business gave me so much of that and I’m forever grateful for the work I’ve done to create that and build that. It’s truly allowed me so much space, freedom, and flexibility to be the Mum and soon-to-be Nanni that I want to be.

At 45 though, I’ve achieved my next dream of being able to truly choose and have even more freedom in my life.

I love what I do, so I’ll definitely be continuing my coaching business, but it feels epically expansive to have completely passive income being generated in a way that literally takes no time to create.

My plan is to let this double over the next 12 months, where I am in a position, to live off 50% and to reinvest the other 50%, constantly growing the monthly amount I’m receiving.

If you’d love to know how I’ve been able to do this, email me at

(As I mentioned this is a completely passive way of creating income, however, there is an opportunity to share with others, which can expedite the process.)

I’m passionate about sharing ways that women can truly empower themselves with more time, wealth, and freedom, to support them to bring their gifts and joy to the world, in an expansive way.

And to truly be the Mumma they want to be, without the financial pressures of juggling work, business and so much stress….

(I know what it’s like to feel under so much financial pressure, especially as a single Mumma.)

If you know you are here to make a difference,
If you love time freedom,
If you would love to be completely portable with your life,
Going wherever you want, wherever you want,
And you truly want to create a life you love,
On your own terms,

Then this is a powerful way of doing it.

Email me at or DM me now to find out how!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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