How much gratitude do you have for your money?

How much gratitude do you have for your money?

I had such a powerful moment of immense Gratitude for Money today.

And I want to invite you to take a deeper look at your relationship with money…….

Years ago, I actually felt so resentful towards money…. Yep…

I felt so controlled by it, I felt that it dictated what I could and couldn’t do.

I felt that I had to work so hard for it.

I felt that it literally had so much power over me.

And anything we feel powerless to change, also creates burnout and adrenal exhaustion, because it creates a state of helplessness….

Because anything we feel that we “need” we also feel controlled by and I really resented that.

I was so angry and frustrated that I didn’t seem to have enough to do what I wanted. Like truly what my soul wanted.

I was so desperate for rest, but didn’t feel that I could because if I stopped, my income stopped.

I felt desperate and “grabby” towards money, needy, clingy and insecure.

I’d look at the bills or what my girls needed and felt resentment and fear for the money I didn’t have.

I didn’t respect or have gratitude for the money I did.

I so wanted to feel at ease with money.

I wanted to feel that I had more than enough.

I wanted to feel financially secure.

I wanted to know that I was going to be ok and could easily provide for myself and my girls.

A few years on, I worked harder and I had more money, but I still felt the same fears…

That was when I realised, it wouldn’t matter how much money I had, if I was still living in fear and scarcity.

My relationship with money and the gold it had over me was the problem.

My belief system that had been handed down to me was not mine and it was not a positive way of living.

This was when I felt a massive shift in my relationship with money.

I knew I had to change my mindset and my relationship with it.

If money were a person, what would our relationship be like?

Oh my!

If I were money in a relationship with me, I would not want to stick around!

Oh the reality of what I started to discover about my relationship with money made me cringe because I finally realised that it was me and not money that was the problem.

I realised I had been sending the message to money, that it was never enough, it didn’t do enough for me, even when it did show up, it still wasn’t enough.

I was needy, clingy, angry, resentful, and I gave my power away to it…..

Very unattractive to say the least. Lol!

By dropping into complete Gratitude for Money and all that it had provided for me over the years, I literally burst into tears.

I could see how it had been there every step of the way.

Even when I was scared.

Even when I didn’t think I’d have enough.

Even when I had no idea how I was going to do something,

It showed up.

Money had loved on me, had provided for me and my girls for years and years.

Money allowed me to feed myself and my girls, clothe us, take us on amazing holidays, spend time together.

Money allowed me to take care of my health and my girls health.

Money allowed me to supply us wonderful housing.

Money allowed me to buy beautiful presents and gifts for them on their birthdays and Christmas.

Money allowed me to buy amazing books to support my spiritual growth.

Money allowed me to travel and spend time with my family.

Money had been by my side all along. I had just failed to recognise it.

What a shift!

Going from fear, lack and scarcity to complete and utter Gratitude changed everything for me.

And it’s not to say I don’t still have freak out moments, or moments of contraction, however I know exactly what to do to bring myself back into a place of absolute trust, faith, alignment, gratitude and thanks.

And this has allowed money to flow easier and easier over the years.

It has brought incredible opportunities to my life.

It has allowed me to create 6 Figures in my business, year on year for the last 7 years.

It has allowed me to really “do life on my own terms”.

So much more flow and freedom, so much more alignment, so much more Grace and Ease.

And it’s a continuing deeper evolving process.

Yet it starts with having an awareness of your current relationship with money.

Where are you currently at?

How do you feel about money?

Do you have a love/hate relationship with it?

Do you believe that it’s bad or wrong, or greedy to have or want more?

Our beliefs truly set us up, to either disempower us, or to create the life we want.

I have big financial goals this year.

I am so clear on where I’m going and what I’m creating.

I am so passionate about helping amazing women, just like YOU to step into greater financial freedom, financial security and to have an amazing relationship with money.

So that you can also experience the ease, certainty and absolute trust and knowingness, that you are taken care of and money is ABSOLUTELY here to truly support YOU.

If you are ready to step into this place of financial freedom and want to learn exactly how I did it I have a 15 min high level training on HOW you can create this for yourself too.

Reach out to get access or email me at with the message “financial freedom” and I will send it to you.

There has never been a better time to take control of your finances and allow money to FULLY support you and your family.

Big Love,

Sal x


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