How our thoughts and emotions affect our physical energy….

Most people understand logically that stress affects our body, yet to the extent that how we FEEL every day, really does AFFECT our physical energy, most people are truly not aware of.

And yet this is a HUGE FACTOR in what creates burnout and exhaustion.

The more depleted we are physically, the harder it is to think positively and to FEEL good emotionally, the worse we feel emotional, the more it impacts our physical energy and health…..

Over time this can become a huge negative spiral, where one affects the other that affects the other and the cycle just gets worse and worse.

This is exactly what I speak about in today’s video, if you’d love to understand more about this, then click below to watch the video now:

Watch it here!

When healing burnout, it’s so important to heal all 4 areas, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (connection to yourself), without healing all 4 of these areas, it’s so difficult to heal burnout, not to mention spending years and years in therapy, with little to no progress.

It’s because you are a WHOLE being, so without addressing all of these aspects, not much will change, or you may notice small improvements, then things go back to the way they were.

After years and years of working with thousands of women, I’ve seen the patterns of thinking that create burnout, along with the intense pressure, that we put ourselves under as women.

Feeling like we can’t make a mistake, we’ve got to get it right, we can’t let others down, we have to take care of everyone, we haven’t got time to rest, we’ve just got to push through, we can’t stop……

Years and years of believing these thoughts create tremendous chronic stress in the body and the nervous system and eventually, the body will say no and jam the FREEZE response on in the body.

I often describe the feeling of this, as trying to walk through a boggy marsh with concrete boots on.

You will feel huge amounts of resistance in trying to get anything done, and more than likely feel numb, blocked and very, very stuck…..

All of this is an indicator of what’s happening in your nervous system, from years and years of suppressing feelings and stressful thoughts back down, because you believe you’ve just got to keep going no matter what….

I totally get it, I felt the same for so long, and I ended up to the point where I could barely function for 2 hours a day. It was a huge wake-up call, that things truly needed to change…..

If you are tired of being tired and you would love to have the EXACT answers needed to heal your body, then click below to find out more about my 28-Day Mini Thrive Program.

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I can promise you, your body will thank you for it.

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