How sensitivity can cause insecurity and anxiety?

Are you a sensitive empath?

Being a sensitive, empathic person can be an extraordinary gift and also can be very challenging at times, because of the impact that this level of sensitivity can have on our nervous system. 

The more sensitive you are to people’s energy and how their words and tone impact you, can really impact your nervous system.

In Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person, she talks about the nervous system of a sensitive person being similar to that of a 6 month old baby. 

You wouldn’t take a 6 month old baby out all day, in a noisy and overstimulating environment, not feeding it at the appropriate times and not letting it rest, and expect it to be able to be settled when it got back home….. 

As a sensitive empath, you may be the same…..

Unconsciously due to this sensitivity, we often can be deeply impacted by others words, actions, and energy and if this has happened since childhood, we may have created a disempowering story about ourself, taking things really, really, personally, and being hypersensitive to others criticism and believing that we are not enough….

This can create a paradigm of acute insecurity and anxiety in ourself. 

Then in order to compensate or in an attempt to feel secure and safe in the world, we end up forming coping mechanisms, such as people pleasing, or being overly responsible for others, or shutting down and withdrawing in an attempt to keep ourself safe. 

This is why unprocessed trauma can keep us really stuck in these coping mechanisms and perpetuate burnout from feeling anxious, insecure, and out of control emotionally, and feeling unsafe in the world. This puts tremendous pressure on our adrenal system, not to mention gut issues, and drives a whole host of continuous inflammation in the body. 

Knowing how to change this past story and re-create a new empowering story for yourself is one of the most healing things we can do.

To know our true worth, our true value, our true lovability,

AND the UNIQUE and VITAL role that we are here to play during these massive times of human evolution and transformation.

If you are a sensitive person, you have a super important role to play, and getting back to feeling wonderful, energised, and happy in yourself is a massive part of that role. 

Our ENERGY impacts the world VIBRATIONALLY everyday. 


And Gorgeous, you absolutely deserve to wake up feeling AMAZING everyday!

You absolutely deserve to reclaim your energy and your health!

You absolutely deserve to feel confident, lovable, and super valued for who you are.

You absolutely deserve to step into your full abundance and wealth.

And you absolutely deserve to feel safe, secure, and be living from a place of joy and freedom. 


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Wishing you a magical day,

I love you,

Sal x

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