How to become a match for your desires!

If you already knew all that you desired and were calling in and wanted to experience in life were on its way to you, right now in this very moment, how would you feel?

To have the energy, health, and passion you desire,
To have the amount of money flowing to you that you desire,
To have the dream relationship and passionate partnership that you desire,

To feel amazing being who you are and loving who you are,
To feel wonderful in your own skin and clear in your purpose,
To be traveling, experiencing life, and doing the things that you desire,

To be living in your dream house and location, in a way that lights your heart up,
To have the relationships with your kids and loved ones that you desire,

I love these types of questions!

It’s such a powerful way to quantum leap, to become the EXACT energetic/emotional vibrational match for all that we desire.

But you can’t just think it, you need to FEEL it, as if it is already done and happening right now in this moment!

I find this a profound and easy way to shift my energy quickly and to attract amazing synchronicities and situations that “seem miraculous”.

It still surprises and delights me in so many ways.

And I’m still human.
I still have flat days, where my hormones are low and I need to ensure I’ve done a little extra work on my vibe that day because I know the power of my feeling state and I know it’s the current point of attraction for what I’m experiencing each day.

Trying to get from feeling powerlessness or even a sense of despair to a feeling of gratitude, or even imagining and feeling my desires, is sometimes way too big of a jump if I’m feeling particularly exhausted or hormonally low.

I’m happy to settle for boredom or even curiosity, as both are more neutral, more open states of being, then I allow myself to gain a little more momentum in that energy state, then feel more enthusiasm, excitement, passion, and gratitude.

It’s one of my most satisfying experiences, to be able to move up through the emotional states, deliberately and consciously, choosing better thoughts and feelings that are leading me to experience and attract more of what I do want in life.

Because the more we feel GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE of what is and what is on its way, the more we attract more of the things that we are truly grateful for!

It builds so much exciting momentum!

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Being able to consciously choose to raise our emotional state is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves because every day is a mini-version of our life.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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