How to feel more grateful and blessed

How much passion, joy, gratitude and excitement are you creating in your life everyday?


This is honestly where so much of our physical energy comes from! When we are aligning ourself with what lights our heart up.

When we are envisioning our biggest dreams and goals.

Where we feel like things are possible, even if we don’t know how.

Where life just flows through you with massive amounts of energy saturating your every cell.


Yet, when we block our emotions, when we push them down, when we suppress them, it stagnates our energy flow.

We all have electromagnetic energy running through us. If you don’t believe me, that’s what a medical ECG also measures… The electrical impulses running through your heart.

If that stops…. Well we know where that ends up.

That’s how important it is to allow the flow of energy through your body. To not bind it up, push it down, or suck it back in and hope nobody notices. 

Your emotions are an expression of your current life force energy. 

Your emotions literally are energy in motion, moving throughout your body and it is either enhancing your bodies energy and systems (through high level vibrational energy – ultra good feelings like joy, love, peace, gratitude, or it’s creating disharmony through the low level vibrations that impact your every cell, your every organ and deplete your physical body. 

Please know I don’t like to judge our emotions as positive or negative, because ALL emotions serve us!

It literally is guiding us to what we need to be aware of, what is precious to us, what we need to let go of and what needs to shift or change. 

If you ignore your emotions because they are an inconvenience to your life, or worse, you outright despise being emotional, you are missing massive signs, signals and your inner compass. 

This is the power of your emotions. 

And being able to harness them, elicit more of the emotions you wish to feel each day and train new neural pathways in your brain making it easier to access all of the high level vibrational states easier and more often is one of the fastest ways to not only reclaim your health, vibrancy and energy, but also to attract more joy, more love, more wealth, greater relationships into your life.

EVERYTHING gets better when we are in higher level emotions. 

Knowing how to master your own emotions is a SKILL FOR LIFE. 

If you are ready to find out more, if you are tired of being sick and tired and feeling so run down and exhausted and want to get back to loving who you are, having incredible energy and vitality again and being the captain of your own ship, make sure you click the button below to book in your Breakthrough Burnout Free Call and get back to feeling Blessed and Grateful again!

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And knowing how stressful the lead up to Xmas can be, not to mention how BIG 2021 has been for so many people, I’m excited to announce my 30 Day FREE Gratitude Challenge!!!

Kicking off on the 29th of November. 

I’ll be running it in my Daily Gratitude to Thrive Free Facebook group.

In this 30 Day free Challenge, you’ll learn so many tools and ways of increasing your blessings and gratitude in your life each day!

Click the button below to join now and invite your soul sisters, friends and loved ones who could do with some uplifting energy this time of year too!!! Can’t wait to see you there on Monday!

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