How to free yourself…

Your personal empowerment and freedom are equal to the amount of responsibility that you take for your life. 

Just think about this….


Whenever you’ve created a change in your life for the better, how much personal responsibility did you take? 

If you’ve ever become your ideal body weight, changed your financial outcome, or even your relationship, was it because you were blaming the world, blaming your job, blaming your life, blaming your partner, blaming yourself, and making yourself feel ashamed of yourself? 

Or was it because you DECIDED to make a change and YOU were the one that created the change in habits, the change in behaviour, the change in your emotions, and the change therefore in the outcome and results that you achieved? 

All of it, was because YOU decided to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for changing that in your life. 

Think about an area, that you are perhaps struggling in… 

What’s happening there? 

Are you taking personal responsibility? Or are you blaming yourself, others, life, a situation or a circumstance? Or hoping, or wishing that it would magically change? Or feeling that no matter what, it’s always the same?

Blame is still a blame, whether you are blaming yourself or blaming someone else. It still leaves you in a complete place of powerlessness, instead of reclaiming your own empowerment, through choosing to take responsibility.

If I am unhappy, it is me.

If I am depressed, it is me.

If I am joyful, it is me.

If I am blessed, it is me.

If I am angry, it is me.

If I am sad, it is me. 


When I deny personal responsibility for my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, and what happens to me, then I negate my ABILITY to RESPOND…. 

When we choose to not respond to life or take responsibility for our life, we become apathetic and drain our own energy.

If someone is completely physically unresponsive, it is called death or unconsciousness. 


By choosing to not RESPOND with ALL your ABILITY (With your Whole Heart) we drain our own life energy. 

We resist life.

We become unwilling. We push against the flow of life.

Just like trying to swim upstream.

It’s exhausting and so tiring and we don’t tend to get very far.


We experience greater and greater resistance.

We experience greater and greater apathy and powerlessness and drain our life force energy completely. 


Therefore, your inner power lies completely in your willingness to take responsibility for your life. 

The more ABLE that you are to RESPOND to life, the more life will give you. 


This is why emotional mastery is key. 

The ability to stay conscious of what you are emotionally responding to, rather than fall into unconscious reactions, through fear, anger, despondency. 


When you are able to do this,

You become the MASTER of your own life. 

You become solid as a rock internally.

You trust yourself explicitly.

You believe in yourself whole-heartedly.

You will feel power, energy, and joy coursing through your veins.

You will feel so joyous,

So connected,

So loved and so incredibly blessed to be in this human experience.


All of life becomes a miracle. 

When you stop resisting. 

And when you decide to master your RESPONSE ABILITY.


Are you willing to? 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 


Sal xox 



Creating change can absolutely be challenging, however not changing can be devastating – with lifelong consequences.  

If you are exhausted and tired, taking personal responsibility for how and why you feel that way, is essential to creating the changes necessary in order to heal yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

Personally committing and deciding that you are no longer going to choose to live this way or experience life living like this, is the most powerful decision you can ever make. 

Yet you are the only one that can make it. 

It’s totally up to you. 

If you are ready to get back to Thriving, to regain your personal power, to learn the skills and tools in order to master your emotions, and to empower yourself to change your life, then click the button below to book your call today.

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