How to heal your Nervous System…

Accepting where you are at and how you feel, rather than continually fighting it, or making yourself feel wrong or bad for feeling that way is one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving things to do for ourself and for our nervous system….

I get it, no one wants to feel bad,

No one likes feeling emotional and messy.

Yet it is very much part of the human experience whether we like it or not.

We all have strong emotions to the things that impact us the most, including experiences, events, places, people and our own thoughts and beliefs.

And that’s actually a good thing, because your emotions are always guiding you.

Letting you know what you love and what you’d like more of,

And what makes you feel unsafe, or what you don’t like, or doesn’t feel good for you.

Building resilience and capacity to tap into these deeper messages of our body and our emotions and feeling state, is also key to living our most fulfilling and authentic life.

When we dull these messages down, through being busy, through emotional eating, workaholism, distraction and numbing, we miss out on listening to our own internal guidance and often miss the cues we really need to listen to, in order to create change in our life.

These messages will just get louder and louder over time.

Next time you feel some big emotions, allow yourself to be with it fully.

Yes it can feel scary the first time you do this,

And yes it can feel overwhelming,

And what I’ve found through doing this process many times myself, is when I give myself fully to the experience of the emotion, it passes through very quickly.

This in time, builds our ability and capacity to self-regulate and to rewire a healthy nervous system, no longer supressing or repressing our emotions, because it wasn’t safe to feel them, as many people have experienced in their childhood, and in their life.

A dis-regulated nervous system continues to fire adrenaline and cortisol in the system, keeping us locked into the fight/flight response sometimes for years and years, feeling you can never relax, never stop, never rest, it’s like blindly running from something, yet not knowing what we are running from.

Or it takes us into the Freeze response, feeling lethargic, depression, despair and having no life energy, or feeling completely paralysed and stuck in life, not knowing why we can’t make the changes we are wanting to.

This creates havoc with our physical health, because of the continue inflammation caused by so much cortisol in our system, not to mention the effects on our mental and emotional wellbeing, our relationships and our resiliency to deal with life stresses.

If you are having a challenging time with your emotions, or you know that you distract or avoid your feelings through emotional eating, work, sex, alcohol or just push through with caffeine, you feel continually triggered in your life and you are noticing you feel really stuck, or are completely exhausted and drained, then I really encourage you to book a FREE 15 min Consult with me, to have a chat about where you are currently at and get some key tips on how you can start to heal your body today.

As I’ve only got limited appointments available, this is only for women who know they need to make a change and are 100% committed and ready to make a change in their life, and they know that their health and their wellbeing is absolutely vital to living a life they love.

If that’s you, click the button below

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx

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