How to help yourself feel better instantly.

If you are like me, I know you will really hate when you don’t feel good or when you have low energy, feel flat, or don’t have your normal zest, enthusiasm, and joy for life, that you once used to experience.

It can be so challenging when we don’t feel good and we have lots of people relying on us to show up, to be a leader for our team and employees and we can tend to be pretty hard on ourself.

However, one of the fastest ways I’ve ever learnt to feel better is actually to EMBRACE what it is that I’m feeling at that moment.

In the past the longer I pushed it down, suppressed it, and resisted it, I would feel angry or sad for days, weeks, or months…..



Our emotions are actually like clouds, they can just pass through us, as we give ourself the full experience of the feeling non-judgementally, it actually dissipates very quickly.

If we push it down, make it wrong or bad, or distract ourself to try and make ourself feel better, it often leads to not only unresourceful coping mechanisms, such as emotional eating, drinking, smoking, overworking, but it actually starts to create greater inflammation and dis-ease in the body.

Eventually, our worries and stresses, end up turning into that stomach ulcer, or neck, shoulder, and back tension because we are trying to hold it all in and push it away.

I know it can be scary when we first start to actually really feel our emotions, often it can feel like an overflowing river that will never stop.

I promise it does though. When you give yourself completely to the experience of the emotion fully, it literally passes in 2-5 mins, 10 mins max.

You will feel a lightness after, and you will have more energy, especially if you’ve been suppressing grief or sadness. (Unexpressed emotions and unhealed trauma are two of the biggest causes of burnout and exhaustion.)

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If you know that you’ve been feeling flat for a long time, that you are constantly exhausted, low energy, feeling overwhelmed and dread daily, what you are needing to get done, then I really encourage you to reach out to me.

I am so passionate about sharing so many tips and ideas and helping you to get the ROOT cause of what is causing your exhaustion.

Sometimes hormones have a much larger part in our feelings than what we know, not to mention unhealed trauma, or coping mechanisms such as denial, disassociation, or over-functioning as a way of trying to regain control. All of these coping mechanisms perpetuate burnout and keep us stuck, exhausted and drained for longer.

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And if you feel passionate about helping other women improve their health and their wellbeing, please reach out to me on how you may be able to become an ambassador, and together we will help all women rise, reclaim their health, their lives, and their freedom!

Oceans of Love,

Sal x

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