How to increase your Money flow

Let’s Talk Money…… 


Money is one of those words that can be very loaded for so many people. 

I used to have a love/hate relationship with it.

I felt it controlled my life and had the ability to make my dreams come true or take them away. 

I was giving all my power away to money. 

I resented it.


I was angry at it because it felt like there was never enough.

I felt I had to work soooo hard for everything I got.

I believed that if I didn’t work hard for it, I didn’t really deserve it and others would be angry at me.

I was scared of having too much also, feeling that others would be jealous, angry.


Every time I received money, I was frustrated, because I needed more than what I got, to raise my girls and to do the things that I wanted to do. 

Every time I bought groceries, I would cringe internally and contract in fear that it was so expensive. 

It felt that money was dictating my life to me…. I hated it for that….. 


And to be perfectly honest, going from being completely debt Free at 30, owning our house, cars everything outright, to becoming a single Mum, having a Mortgage again, and at the time only earning $300/week was absolutely terrifying for me and created an even more intense relationship with money. 


Overcoming my money B.S. was one of the greatest gifts I ever gave to myself. 


Feeling Free, 

Knowing that I can call in large amounts, to support me, 

Creating and Receiving.

I now love money. 

I appreciate money.

I bless money and I release it with absolute Gratitude when I invest in things that serve me in my life. 

Money and I are now Co-Creators. 


I truly believe that Money is a representation of Divine Love in material form. 

That it gets to support me to show up and be the best version of myself. 


That it means I get to live in a Sustainable way, that allows me to live more from my Heart Centre. 

That I get to make a bigger difference to my favourite Charity AFADU and sponsor even more children. 

That I get to support other women to understand that their worthiness and deservingness of money was NEVER in question. 

That it’s just a matter of DECIDING that you are going to have large amounts of money.

And taking the actions around that internally and externally to create it.


And no longer living in the split energy of it’s bad, its wrong to have too much….. 

What even is too much????? 

Like who decides that? 


What we have been taught, is that there is a finite amount of money and that if I take too much of the pie, everyone else misses out.

This is absolutely not true. 

What most people don’t know, is EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN PIE!!!! 

And YOU determine what the size of your pie is going to be, by the beliefs and attitude and relationship that you have with money. 


Just imagine if you told your partner that they weren’t enough, that they were never there for you, that you resented them because they held you back from living your dream life, because they just weren’t there for you enough, that it didn’t matter how much they gave you, it was never enough….. 

Think they’d stick around long? 

Not likely….. 

Money is the same, 

It’s an energy game….. 


Learning to love money, appreciate money, bless money, and feel grateful for ALL the money that comes to you, either in tiny or large amounts, attracts more money. 

Whatever we are grateful for and appreciate in life expands….. 


It’s just like love, the more love you have inside you, the more you can give, and the more it gets circulated into the community to serve all people. 

More abundance, more wealth, create more wealth, more opportunities, more businesses, more 

employment for others. 


I was scared of becoming a rich bitch… (Whatever that is…)

Again, we are indoctrinated into so many beliefs….. 


Money AMPLIFIES who you are and I truly believe, that getting more MONEY into the hands of HEART-CENTRED WOMEN is the way we HEAL HUMANITY….. 

If you are someone that is already generous, already heart centred, money supports you to do more in the world that supports others. 

I cannot give from an empty bucket, so healing false money truths were absolutely the key to being able to give more, sustainably. 


Not to mention having financial security, is essential to healing from burnout.

Lack, fear, scarcity, and money stresses all compound over time, to being in overdrive constantly living from the fight-flight response. 

Constantly living day to day, week to week. 

Not having multiple sources of income.

And believing that you have to prove your worthiness or your deservingness…..

All of these things, keep us stuck in a feeling of pressure, exhaustion, fear, contraction, and feeling that we haven’t got enough and that we aren’t enough. 


It’s time to free you Gorgeous.


I drew a huge line in the sand for myself at the start of the year. 

I decided this year, my finances absolutely get to uplevel. 


I’m calling in 6 Figure months. 

I’ve already doubled my income in January and February. (Even with my FB being completely hacked).

New declarations and decisions create a new mindset, 

Create new energy, Create new intentions. 

Create new actions, Create new results….. 


If you know that you were born for more.

If you know that there is more for you to embrace, to be, to have, to become, 

If you know that there is a bigger game that you are meant to be playing, 

If you know that you absolutely want to create Multiple Streams of income.

If you know that you are craving more FREEDOM, time, and energy, as well as WEALTH,

If you know that it’s time to really change your FINANCES, 

And you are looking for a PROVEN AUTOMATED STRATEGY, 

To create leveraged INCOME ONLINE, 

To build a DIGITAL ASSET, 

To create LEGACY INCOME for your KIDS,

To support other INCREDIBLE WOMEN to empower themselves,

To be part of an AMAZING SOUL MATE TRIBE and community that UPLIFTS YOU,


THEN email me at with the message “ABUNDANCE”!


It’s time to start a REVOLUTION.


It’s time for you to DRAW that LINE in the SAND!

It’s time for you to SOAR!


Let’s do it together! 


Oceans of Love, 

Sal x

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