How to radically change your life.

I like to quantum leap….

Who’s with me?

Don’t you just love, when things click into place, you feel that inner alignment and things start to shift super-fast in your outer reality?

The question below is just one of the questions I journal daily to BECOME the energetic MATCH of that which I desire to attract into my life.

“If I no longer had anything left to heal and I knew that I was already enough, today I would?………. “

Or another one is “If I had already achieved ……. (Your desire/goal) I would feel?…… I would believe?…… I would know? I would be doing?……

This is one of the fastest hacks I’ve found, in stepping into being in the energy of it already being DONE!

And getting the inspired aligned action, to create my dream reality.

It massively increases my energy and creates a deep inspirational energy that refuels me and guides me onto my next most aligned steps.

From this place, I get fabulous downloads, ideas, and inspiration for actions I could take that support me to actually create, what I’m already feeling.

When you truly understand that your body is your subconscious mind, and that the majority of your feelings all come from your subconscious, then when you are just starting a positive statement, but not really FEELING it, then this is the biggest difference as to why you make not be making the progress you truly want to.

Embodiment is absolutely KEY.

Walking our talk is absolutely KEY.

Consistently showing up as the ENERGETIC VERSION of ourself that has ALREADY created, DONE the thing, is KEY.

It doesn’t mean that there aren’t sometimes fears or doubts, that’s human and normal, but it does mean, being aware and stepping back into aligned energy when that shows up.

This is exactly the process I’ve helped 100’s of clients with over the years and that I’ve also done for myself, again and again, to take myself from being a terrified, grieving, scared and angry single Mumma only earning $300 a week, in a job that didn’t fulfill me, to create an incredible life for myself and my girls.

Creating my 6-figure business and having it sustain my lifestyle over the last 12 years, to travel, spend time with my girls and take them on amazing holidays, spend time with loved ones, and be there before and after school as well.

I’ve used it to attract my soul mate’s love into my life 7 years ago and to continue to bring my dreams and goals into reality.

And I only share this with you because this stuff actually works. It’s literally changed my life, and so many other people’s lives as well. It’s available for all of us!

The KEY to changing your life is changing your ENERGY, which supports you in changing your ACTIONS. This also means changing your belief systems, inner dialogue, old disempowering stories and really EMBODYING who you choose to become moving forward.

Your imagination is POWERFUL beyond measure.

We are either imagining our greatest fears,





And the best part is, you get to consciously choose that.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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