How To Set Yourself FREE…..

One of the biggest requests that I’ve heard from my clients over the years is for how to help them feel more FREE.

As a Mum, as an ambitious woman, and as a business owner, there can be so many things that can feel that gets in the way of feeling fully free.

Feeling obligated, feeling that we have to, feeling that we have just got to keep going no matter what……

Feeling that there’s so much to do and feel so much overwhelmed each day.

And it’s the experience of not feeling free that also creates burnout.

Anytime we feel we are trapped, controlled, have no choice but to do what is required, or feel powerless to change our situation, we do not feel free.

I feel like I’m walking through a boggy marsh with concrete boots and chains around my ankles when I’m in that state of resistance. Everything feels slow, hard and so much effort….

This keeps us in a state of survival, a state of feeling like a victim to the person, situation, circumstance or to life itself. This creates a massive state of resistance and exhaustion and physical fatigue in the body.

Feeling that everything is happening TO me, instead of FOR me.

So what is FREEDOM for you?

What does it really mean for you personally?

How would you know you were fully FREE?

For myself and for many of my clients, it means getting to live life being themselves fully and unapologetically and living life on their own terms.

Not being dictated to.

Creating and having the autonomy to be, do, have what their heart is truly calling them towards.

To feel full FREEDOM at the start of everyday to be themselves.

To me and many of my clients it also means getting paid to be the FULLEST Version of ourself.

To share our gifts with the world in a way that feels amazing and is giving in a sustainable way.

To do what lights our heart up, and to have the full freedom to live life in a way that is a true reflection of our most authentic self.

This is also what is needed to heal burnout.

To have incredible health.

To live in a sustainable way energetically.

Giving from the overflow and a full cup.

Feeling blessed and grateful and so lucky to be alive and full of joy.

Am I always there, energetically and emotionally?

No, but these days it’s minutes and hours, rather than days, weeks and years…..

When I notice that I’m not, I apply changes in the three areas that I’m about to share with you now.

  1. I change my mindset – I get aligned and clear with my vision and what true freedom looks and feels like for me.

I release needing other’s approval and validation and I release any limiting beliefs that feels like I can’t create, have or do the things I’m wanting to. This creates an immediate feeling of relief, joy, expansion and freedom.

  1. I do something that brings me joy and helps me feel free. This get’s me into the feeling as if it is done.

That I already am fully free, the law of attraction is now at work, as I magnetise myself to more and more of what I fully desire that brings more freedom.

This feels spacious and that time expands and that I am already living more freedom.

  1. I have systems and processes that support my daily freedom. This sounds like an oxymoron, but discipline, responsibility and consistency actually create more freedom.

You cannot have one without the other. The difference is how you PERCEIVE those things, if you feel you HAVE TO, you are not free. If you know you CHOOSE to, then you are in FULL FREEDOM.

Processes and systems that leverage my time freedom, that automate my business, that support my wellbeing and leverage my income are all ways I create more FREEDOM in my life.

Not to mention increasing INCOME flow and DOING what you LOVE, so it never feels like you HAVE to work hard to earn money……

It comes from FLOW, it comes from TRUST, it comes from EASE and joy, because you’ve got the systems in place to create and experience TIME and MONEY freedom.

Being fully FREE is both an emotional and physical process.

You can feel fully FREE and yet still not be living in full FREEDOM.

And you can have so much FREEDOM yet still feel trapped.

Your beliefs and lifestyle together are what create the FULLEST experience of FREEDOM.

Feeling fully FREE inside and having your external REALITY reflect that FREEDOM back to you, being able to go where you want, do what you want, when you want, with who you want, in a way that lights your heart up.

To me, that is FULL FREEDOM, feeling so aligned, so much joy, so much gratitude, so much excitement for all that is unfolding in your life, so much fun and adventure for all that you are creating.

If you would LOVE to experience more FREEDOM in your life, on ALL levels, then I have something super EXCITING coming that I can’t wait to share with you!!!

If you’ve been working for far too long at a JOB, that you know in your HEART is not ALIGNED for you, or if you’ve been feeling STUCK and so exhausted, you don’t know what to do, but you KNOW things absolutely need to change then email me at with the message “FREEDOM”.

I’ll be sharing something over the next few days that will help you to CREATE and EXPERIENCE more FREEDOM in your life, both emotionally and also the EXACT process I’m using to CREATE even MORE TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM in my own life.

I can’t wait to share this with you! This will be an amazing experience you will not want to miss out on.

Big hugs and Love,

Sal x


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