How to set yourself free?

You cannot blame anything outside of yourself, to change your life or the way you feel….. 

The second we blame something, even ourself, we give our power away.

This is a constant reminder for myself too…. 

When we have felt powerless, or ashamed about a situation or a circumstance, one of the fastest ways out of it is to blame something or someone, even ourself for what has occurred. 

Yet there’s another step that needs to happen in order for us to resolve the situation and to be able to change it, in a way that feels much better for ourself and that is to take responsibility for it. 

It’s not always a comfortable thing to do, yet it is the only thing that will truly set you free. 

As humans we love to feel free and empowered. It adds a deep feeling of wellbeing to our soul and for our mind. 

When we feel free and empowered, 

We feel that anything is possible,  

We feel able to handle anything,

We feel that we are capable and able, 

We feel that we have autonomy and the ability to choose,

We feel that we can create and live a life that our heart desires,

We feel aligned and in flow. 

And all of this comes from the first step of taking full responsibility for what you are currently experiencing and the situation that you are in. 

What do you truly want instead? 

This is a tough one for many, especially if you are empathic and sensitive to the needs of others. 

As you may either deny or not be totally honest with what you truly want and desire, especially if this impinges on what another person wants or desires from you. 

Yet getting truthful and honest with yourself, is part of taking full responsibility for yourself, for your wellbeing, for your happiness and for your life.

Taking the time to get really clear about this and knowing what you want and why that is truly important to you, will help you to understand yourself more and to be able to more lovingly and compassionately articulate this with your loved ones and those around you. 

What is one thing that you are blaming someone or something for in your life? 

What do you truly want instead?

What is one action that you can take today that will move you towards greater freedom and taking full responsibility for creating what it is that you desire? 

Why is that important for you to follow through on that? 


Taking time to answer these questions is the first step to taking greater responsibility for your life.


The more you lean into your own clarity about these situations and take responsibility, the more you may even be able to feel grateful for the current situation.

What is it teaching you?

What characteristics are you learning more about? Perhaps it’s courage, faith, determination, tenacity, resilience etc….. 

Why is that a blessing for you? 

How are you growing from this? 

Setting yourself free emotionally is just as important as taking the action step in order to create what you want in life, otherwise we continue attracting the same or similar situations in our life. 

How you respond is also part of your RESPONSE-ABILITY…. 

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With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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