How to start your day in a POWERFUL WAY!

Creating a powerful morning routine will really support your overall wellbeing, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Years and years ago, I used to wake up so exhausted, I’d put everyone else’s needs before mine, packing my former husbands lunch – even making huge big double layered choc cakes for him and his workmates, making sure I’d done everything for my girls, doing all the dishes, the washing, making sure the beds were made and the house was perfect (I was attempting to feel in control of my life) before I rushed through the shower and ran out the door to go to work.

Have you ever felt like that?

It’s no wonder that my nervous system was completely frazzled, I felt that I’d completely lost myself, lost direction of my dreams and goals and literally felt like an empty shell.

It’s also no wonder that I would feel constantly angry in my gut, feeling that I was giving everything to everyone else and never felt that anyone appreciated what I did, or would be there for me, when I needed it.

I never asked for help, but often slammed cupboard doors in my kitchen whilst cooking tea, to let everyone know I was not happy about having to cook tea again. (very passive aggressive.)

I felt guilty for taking time out.

I felt guilty for resting.

I hated who I was becoming because I was constantly feeling anger or resentment.

I longed to feel restored,

I just wanted to escape and sleep for a month.

I wanted to love who I was again.

I wanted to be the patient, present loving and kind Mum that I always thought I would be.

I just wanted to feel happy in myself again.

A few years on…..

I discovered the importance of a morning routine and it changed my life.

I felt in control and had absolute clarity about my days again.

I was easily able to prioritise my days both personally and professionally.

I filled up my cup and was mostly operating from a sense of gratitude, purpose and meaning in my life again.

I was so clear in who I was and what I was here to do.

I was taking action, because I was so clear and decisive about what I was creating in my life.

I felt passionate and excited about my life.

I was excelling and succeeding in my business.

I loved who I was being for my kids.

I know for me, there’s no way I could have consciously created my life and brought my dreams into reality and become the woman that I always wanted to be, if I was just rolling out of bed, grabbing a cuppa, shower, getting dressed and rushing out the door.

The power of a morning routine especially for women is so incredibly important.

It will fill your cup up again,

It will reconnect you to yourself,

It will ignite that deeper passion and purpose inside you,

It will support you to show up as your best self,

It will elevate your emotional state and support your wellbeing on all levels.

I know one of the biggest reasons why women struggle with a morning routine is:

  1. They are so tired and overwhelmed, they just need and want more sleep, so they hit the snooze button, then scramble out of bed feeling overwhelmed and starting their day instantly rushing, frying their nervous system even more.
  2. They are so busy, that they don’t feel they have time. (generally caused by 1.)

A morning routine will support you, to feel re-energised again, not to mention give you absolute clarity on what your REAL priorities are each day, making you more productive each day, instead of feeling that everything is urgent and overwhelming and all should have been done yesterday.

What’s one thing that you love to do for yourself, that you know supports you and gives you energy?

What would happen if you decided to do this one thing for even 10-20 mins each day?

What would change?

How might you feel?

How would you show up differently?

If you’d love a few ideas on what I do each day for my morning routine, that has really changed my life, then watch the video below.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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