How we create an emotion?

Did you know we actually construct an emotion in 4 ways? It all happens in a nanosecond, but you can change any one of these things and it will empower you to master your emotions!

For years I believed that emotions just happened to me and that I actually had no control over how I felt.

It was a huge revelation to me that I actually create my emotions through what I focus on, what I think about, what I make things mean, and what I’m telling myself about that!

Then it was an even bigger revelation to me, to understand how we sit, stand and move our body influences our emotional state also.

As our body has muscle memory.

Just lifting your sternum an inch, and lifting your eyes up, can make a world of difference to how you feel each day. (Give it a try now. )

Mastering your emotions is one of the most powerful tools you can ever give yourself.

As our emotions tend to drive what we do or don’t do every single day. (Especially if you’re like me and tend to be a highly emotional being, this was a huge game changer for me personally, when it came to emotional eating too.)

Knowing how to energize your physical body through the power of emotions not only means you’re attracting more of what you want in your life, but you will also have more energy to respond more powerfully to the events, people, and situations in your life.

I made this short 13 min Video, just for you, on how we literally create an emotion that can help to understand this further.

Watch it here!

In this video, you will understand the four ways that emotion is constructed and created in ourselves, and how by changing even just one of these things, you can totally change the way you feel.

If you are constantly exhausted and tired, chances are your emotional reactivity along with your beliefs and how you feel about yourself are driving and creating continual fatigue.

These lifelong beliefs can create behaviours and patterns that feel very difficult to stop and can be like living on a very stressful hamster wheel that you feel you just can’t get off.
Click the button below to get access to my 28-Day Mini Thrive Program, which gives you the exact tools, in order to heal your body and reclaim your health and energy so you can get back to Thriving and feeling amazing!

Access it here!

In it, you’ll learn some of the most potent tools in how to process, shift and change your emotions, heal your nervous system, overcome your inner critic, heal your body, and truly set yourself free again.

With Love and Blessings,


Sal xox

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