How you can get this EPIC Bonus!

Wowzers! Over the last week, I’ve helped 14 beautiful souls, get set up and started on their passive income journey, AND receive a 2nd income stream completely FREE!! (Collective value approximately $40k)

This EPIC BONUS, has now been extended ONLY until the 10th of May and I only have very limited time available in my calendar, due to supporting my current coaching clients, getting my book published and prepping to move closer to my daughter for when her bub arrives in the coming month!!!!

Let me know if you’d love more info on how I’ve literally matched my 6 Figure coaching income entirely with passive income in just 9 months. (It’s seriously blown my own mind!)

No selling products,
No social media needed,
No daily posting required,
No needing to continue purchasing products to keep your rank,
No risky trading or investing in volatile markets, or spending hours reading charts!

(As I’ve mentioned previously there is an opportunity to share, to expedite your results, but you totally can remain 100% passive if you wish to.)

If you’d love to know more send me an email at, so I can find a place for you in my calendar.

With Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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