I have to keep going.

(These were the words echoing in my head this morning, even after my big celebration yesterday!)

Sometimes we need to hit the reset button…..

(Especially during our lower energy times in our cycle as women.)

Over time, believing these words that “I can’t stop” eventually eat away at our soul and spirit.

It makes us feel powerless.

It makes us feel that we don’t have a choice in how our life is going or what we are doing.

And over time, that produces powerless, apathy and depression….

Anytime we feel that we have no choice, but to keep going,

It creates resistance.

It creates exhaustion,

Because we are fighting ourself to do that.

It’s like someone tugging on your left arm, begging you to stop, begging you to just listen, begging you to stop doing so much, to just give yourself time to breathe and be,

And someone else tugging on your right arm, telling you that you have to keep going, you can’t stop, you have to keep doing the things, there’s no way you can stop.

And it absolutely can cause burnout if we live in that energy for long enough.

It’s near impossible to move forward if two people were pulling on your right and left arms respectively.

This is what inner conflicts are.

And both of those aspects of you are trying to help you.

They are trying to keep you safe and protected, they just have different ways that they believe they can achieve that.

When we understand this, we can make an aligned decision and what I’ve found is when I do stop and listen to these conflicting aspects of myself and what both of them are wanting and needing,

I find a way forward, that feels in complete alignment for myself.

It might be a pause,

It might be a nap,

It might be a meditation,

And by doing so I create spaciousness.

I create openness and choice.

I create honoring my soul, my body and what I truly need to be the best version of myself.

(And this is exactly what I’ve done for myself this morning.)

And when I do that, I feel that inner click and inner smile.

My body feels calm and I feel an inner joy rising up from my heart and I know I’m back in alignment again.

Getting things done feels effortless again.

I’m back in flow,

I’m operating from a place of joy, energy and vitality!

Not resistance, push and striving.

I’m operating from a place of freedom and connection to my inner power and that feels amazing.

There is nothing better than the feeling of alignment with ourself,

Not only do I feel 1000% better,

My results and outcomes flow.

Life gets easier and easier from this place.

I’m no longer trying to control everything,

I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed or a sense of dread,

I feel excited anticipation about my day,

I feel deep trust, faith and belief that all my desires are on their way,

And that is the joy that returns,

When you allow yourself to stop.

When you give yourself a pause.

When you allow yourself to have the space to tune into what you really need.

What’s your favourite way to create spaciousness in your day?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


When I first became a single Mum, I lived in that energy, of “I can’t stop”, I truly felt that everything would tumble down around me if I did.

I felt I had no time at all, I was living in complete contraction, fear, lack and scarcity.

I was trying to control everything and it took me into massive burnout.

If you’ve been feeling exhausted, tired and feeling that you truly have to “push” yourself a lot, to get anything done, chances are you may be in burnout.

Often burnout is coupled with lots of brain fog, inability to make decisions, loss of confidence, feelings of depression, despair, apathy and anxiety, feeling so overwhelmed by everyday tasks.

I promise there is a way out, so many of my clients have found after just 3-4 weeks of working with me, that they experience a massive shift in their energy and by week 8-12 they can’t believe how good they feel.

Tomorrow I’m sharing the exact steps that have helped 100’s of women, just like you, heal from burnout. It’s on Thursday the 21st of July at 9.30am AEST.

I have a few free tickets left, email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au if you’d love a ticket to access the training. xxx


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