I did it again

I did it again!

Do you ever feel totally frustrated at a life situation where you keep experiencing the same things again and again? 

It can totally feel like groundhog day!

And even with all of the years of practising emotional mastery, I can still get tripped up in certain life areas, which leaves me feeling so incredibly frustrated!

For me in particular this can be relationships. 

I honestly find it so much easier to manifest what I desire in a material sense, simply because material things, generally don’t have an opinion or reaction about me. 😉 

This is what can make human relationships so tricky to navigate, there are two people oscillating in their emotional state and what makes things even more trickier is that in most situations, both people are reactive with each other. 

And forgetting that it is our own alignment with ourself, that is actually creating the situation.

This was me today…… 

It’s sometimes such a hard pill to swallow because it seems so much easier to simply blame the other person for how we are feeling, but in the long run, that never makes us feel good, or the other person and the biggest impact is, that when I do that it renders me completely powerless to change the situation for myself, which makes me feel even more frustrated!

In the moment I blame someone else for my feelings, I am literally giving my power away. 

Not power over them, but my own inner power and ability to regulate my own emotional state.

Frustrating right!

The biggest thing I’ve learned time and time again is that radical self-responsibility is imperative for me to change any situation in my life. 

It’s remembering that I’ve attracted to that situation for a reason, this is the first step that helps me to empower myself again and it’s also remembering that how I am feeling and what I am focusing on with emotion every day is magnetising myself to more of the same. 

Using the skills and tools that I’ve learned over the years helps me to pivot quickly back into empowering myself and changing my emotional state and is such a blessing in my life. 

Years ago, I would have spiraled for months on something, making me feel completely powerless, these days it’s generally minutes or a few hours max. 

If you are constantly getting tripped up and you feel more and more reactive with a life situation, this can honestly deplete our energy so fast. It can be so exhausting to live struggling with our own emotions and feeling powerless to change something, knowing that you can’t keep going the way you are, but not knowing how to change it.

Often the demise of our health, and our physical energy is a total reflection of where we are living out of alignment with ourself. Exhaustion, fatigue and eventually full-blown burnout occur when this is happening. 

If that’s you Gorgeous, then it’s absolutely time to put yourself back into the driver’s seat again, to reclaim your inner power, to step back into full alignment of your life, and to reclaim your health and supercharge your life with a power and passion, that perhaps you may have never experienced before. I can promise you, it’s totally worth it. 

If you are ready, if you are committed, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, book your FREE consult with me to dive deep on where you are currently at, what’s keeping you stuck and to know exactly what to do in order to reclaim your health and your life again.
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Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox

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