I grew up not knowing I was an empath

I grew up not knowing I was an empath.

I would frequently have huge bouts of emotional outbursts, primarily with my mother, for others I was a perfect angel. (So I was told.)

I still remember at about ages 3- 4 throwing “terrible tantrums”, especially after being out all day. I felt guilty, ashamed and a bad girl, not understanding that I was experiencing incredible overwhelm and needing to express and release all of the pent up emotion I’d experienced during the day.

It wasn’t until the age of 22 that I discovered that I was an empath, that in fact many of the feelings and emotions I felt weren’t actually mine.

The penny dropped, I couldn’t believe it, all those years feeling such crazy, strong intense emotions at times and not understanding them at all had seriously undermined my self-worth, self-confidence and who I was as a person as I felt that I never fully fitted in.

I had never understood how sensitive I was to energy. I often had many allergies, rashes, and sensitivities as a kid and more recently had blood tests done resulting in 113 food sensitivities, mostly plant based. I was always the “go to” person at boarding school, for people that were having challenges or issues and wanted to talk it through with someone. I had a unique ability even as a teenager to really understand with huge depth what someone was experiencing emotionally. I was

sullen, would socially isolate myself and felt quite depressed at that stage of my life.
It’s taken me years to really embrace this as a gift. For years I felt ashamed that I was so “emotional”, I was often told I was “too sensitive” and to not take things to heart so much.

Difficult to do when experiencing life at such a deep level. I really believed something was wrong with me, I found it difficult to be around a lot of people and really just craved a lot of time by myself.

I also discovered that I was an introvert, this helped me to understand myself at a deeper level and to not judge myself so much for needing so much alone time. I’d attempted as a teenager to be super social, to be out drinking with my friends, in which case I would normally end up a crying mess at the end of the night, not understanding that when people drink, including myself it opens up the auric field and basically it’s a free for all with the energy that is bouncing around. Being in crowded night clubs made me feel incredibly anxious and coupled with the intoxicating affects of alcohol, left me an emotional disaster, all of which I would blame myself for and not understand at all what was happening.

These days I know with my whole heart, drinking is not for me. Nor is being at huge social events for extended periods of time.

One on one’s is the perfect way for me to socialise and to connect with people.
It has taken a long time for me to have acceptance of myself, to not believe that I’m too weird, or just terrible in relationships, or that something is really wrong with me. It can be an overwhelming experience the closer I am with people, including my kids, family and partner. And the bigger challenge is not wanting to “fix or help” them if they are not in a great place emotionally, as it doesn’t feel good for me to experience that.

The answer to all of this is self-love, compassion, healthy boundaries and loads of self-care to keep in a high vibration. The more exhausted I feel, the more intense it becomes, to the point that my body also becomes hypersensitive. Wearing scratchy clothes is super irritating, even light touch can set my body into shut down. Strong smells especially chemicals can make my tongue tingle and make me feel dizzy and nauseas, loud noises or loud music and harsh light can be so difficult to tolerate. Watching anything that has horror, killing or fear in it also impacts me.

Becoming a Kinesiologist was the greatest gift for me as I really got to fine tune my skills and to utilise this gift in order to really help others.
I often would feel a specific pain in my body when working with someone and ask them if they were experiencing this, often they were blown away, as they’d not told me that at the start of the session.

I would often receive downloads, or images and visuals of what someone was experiencing emotionally to help me understand what was happening for someone in their experience, such as walking through a boggy marsh if they felt really stuck, or chains wrapped around their legs if they felt trapped or unable to move forward. Being able to articulate what they were feeling was a powerful experience for both of us.

This still happens working with all of my wonderful coaching clients, even over the phone.
As I’m sure you can imagine this can be an intense
experience living life in this way, even walking through a shopping mall, can be sensory overload!
It’s also why I now spend at least 3 hours a day on my own self-care, taking exceptional care of my emotional and mental wellbeing through meditation, journaling and specific strategies to boost my energy system, eating wholefoods and moving my body and exercising in a way that feels truly supportive for me.

And one of the reason’s I truly wanted to share this is because if this is also you, if you also identify with being extra sensitive and you’ve not yet understood what is happening for you, then the book below will be one of the greatest gifts that you can ever give yourself. I can’t believe that after all these years, I’m only just reading it now!

The other reason is, perhaps your child may be able to identify with the above. I can promise you if they experience extreme unexplainable emotional out bursts it could be something to consider.
I know for me, I felt incredibly misunderstood for years. Not knowing what was happening or why I was feeling the way that I was feeling was very challenging and caused a lot of confusion and self-doubt. I know that it was a perfect journey for me though, as I would not have had the desire to learn all that I have about energy, about emotions, about relationships without these previous experiences.

It is an incredible gift, when we know how to manage it in a way that keeps our system, self-esteem and wellbeing intact.

If you know you are extra sensitive to energy and have a deep desire to work with others to bring your gifts and light into the world, but you’ve been spinning in confusion, or you’ve felt lost inside yourself and a lack of energy and clarity, now is the time to reach out Gorgeous.

This is my specialty, my gift and my greatest joy, to help you come back to your truest centre, to clearly know who you are to your very core, to discover the tools and strategies to keep your energy clear and thriving, to be able to set super healthy boundaries and follow your hearts guidance to truly create a life that you absolutely love and adore.

You are a Divine Creator,
You are a Powerful Being,
You are a Magnificent Gift to the World,
It is time to shine your light,
It is time to radiate love,
It is time to be all that you really are.

With Love & Blessings,
Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

P.S. Not sure if you’re an empath? Here’s a quick quiz to see….

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