I lost my joy….

When I was in the thick of burnout, I had a beautiful friend of mine suggest to me, that I just needed to do more things to bring me joy.

I totally agreed with her….

However the biggest problem was, all the things I previously did that I enJOYed and that brought me joy, were no longer making me joyous….

I felt empty.

I felt lost.

I felt motionless and numb in my body.

EVERYTHING felt like an effort,

Especially basic things, that I truly used to do effortlessly and that I loved to do,

Like preparing healthy meals,

Spending time with my loved ones,

Working out and going for a walk in nature….

At my worst, 10 mins of walking was all I could manage.

This was literally two weeks after completing a 42km marathon walk….

I felt like I’d fallen off a cliff into a deep abyss,

It seemed to happen so suddenly,

Yet I also knew I’d been noticing warning signs and symptoms for at least a few months,

However I’d just ignored them and done what I always did.


Until I couldn’t….

My body just wouldn’t.

I’d put my foot on the accelerator to go

And nothing happened……

I had nothing left in the tank….

As a self-employed business owner and single Mum, this was terrifying….

Yet I found a way out of it and I promise,

You can too…..

I had to heal my beliefs that kept me in overdrive and over functioning, especially in crisis mode.

I had to tune in and learn how to listen to my body and not ignore it’s signals.

I had to learn how to set better healthy boundaries.

I had to support my physical health, with exactly what my body needed to heal.

I had to let go of feeling overly responsible for everyone and everything.

I had to let go of feeling guilty for resting.

Everything I learnt and experimented with in my own healing journey, I poured into my 12 Week Thrive Overcoming Burnout Program.

I know what it feels like to wake up feeling so overwhelmed, filled with total dread and anxiety, because you have no idea how you are going to get through the day, or fulfil all the expectations and pressures that you have in your life.

I know the heartbreak of withdrawing and feeling so alone and isolated and unable to express how you really feel, even to the people you love, because you no longer feel like the person you were.

I know the crushing feeling of losing my confidence and so much self-doubt, criticism and berating self, because I no longer could do the things I once found simple and easy.

If this is you Gorgeous, I promise there is an answer, there is a way out and it doesn’t have to take years and years to heal.

In just 8 Weeks my clients find their spark again, regain joy in their life and renew their confidence.

In 12 weeks, they feel capable and clear to make decisions, to set healthy boundaries and to feel a deep sense of acceptance and self-love again and best of all, to have the energy and strategies, they truly need to create a life they love.

If you would love to have a quick 15 min chat, to see if and how I may be able to support you, to overcome burnout and reclaim not only your health and energy but your JOY again, then click the button below to book with me now. I’ve only got a few spots left this week.

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