I remember sitting in the corner of my bathroom, sobbing.

Literally forcing myself to get in the shower and get ready for work.

I felt resistant beyond resistant.

I was lost, scared, alone.

But I knew I had to go to work because we still needed the money.

Feeling like I was breaking and betraying my own soul and discarding my inner voice and intuition was the worst…

I’d recently been promoted in my role and had been proud of that.

However, it only took a few weeks for the sinking realisation to occur that I was way in over my head.

My folder at work was growing by a centimetre per day, of all the things I was meant to attend to, yet had not been provided any training for and had no clue on what to do.

Everyone that I went to go to, to get support and help from, was too busy.

I had customers phoning me back, irate because I hadn’t been able to resolve their issues.

I tried to talk to management about it, but got no answers back,
And to make matters worse, they’d told me it was a family-friendly environment at work, yet when issues were caused by others, I still was not allowed to leave and go and pick up my daughter from day care and had so many times where day care staff had to stay back, after closing because of this… I felt enraged and humiliated and like such a bad parent.

I was pulled aside by the manager to “go for a walk”, told to stop believing in this stupid “utopia” that I was looking for.

Feeling crushed, unsupported, and having someone attempt to steal my dream life away from me was such an unhealthy environment to be in.

And whilst it initially crushed me and broke my confidence, in the long term it actually made me more determined than ever before.

I knew there was more for me.

I knew there was a way that I could and would find a way to create my “utopia” and dream life.

And a few short years later, I did.

I have such deep, deep gratitude to the point of tears, for my business…..

And I realised that I could not have become the woman I am today, without my business.

My business is a co-creation and manifestation, of all that I wanted and desired to become and the process, of course, continues to evolve.

My business allows me the ability to be the Mum that I truly wanted to be, especially as a single Mumma when my girls were so much younger.

Being able to go to sports days, attend special events at schools, take them traveling on school holidays to Uluru, the Great Ocean Road, camping trips to Mungo National park and so many other trips, are all incredible memories that I hold so dear to my heart, especially now, my girls have flown the next.

Being able to have the confidence that I could provide for them, the opportunities and experiences that I wanted to, and in a way that felt truly aligned for me is still amazing.

My business allows me the flexibility to work from anywhere, and especially from my own home environment or by the beach, or traveling to see my family or whatever lights my heart up.

My business is allowing me to travel and care for my Dad when he goes in for his operation in a few weeks, I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission, there’s no one else that dictates how and when I can show up for my family.

And for me, my relationships with my LOVED ONES are the most important thing in the world to me.

My business has supported me to continue and evolve my soul’s growth, as it constantly reflects my beliefs, fears, and gratitude back to me.

It shows me who I’m being.

It’s helped me to develop myself to be more and share more of my gifts with the world.
It’s helped me to face and overcome huge challenges and fears that I had to learn to overcome in order to keep my business.

It’s truly helped me become someone that I’m proud to be, and that wasn’t always the case for me.

Having a business that supports your personal development is extraordinary.

Having a business that means, I get to connect with and meet incredible people that continue to inspire me to evolve and grow and support and cheer me on with my goals and dreams is so important.

Having a business that has supported my lifestyle, the ways that I wanted to provide for my girls and show up with the flexibility and time with them, has been such a game changer. No longer struggling with Mum’s guilt for not being there for them.

If you have a huge heart and love helping others,
If you know that you want to contribute and make a difference in the world,
If you are a Mumma like me that absolutely wants more for your family and yourself,
If you are done with being dictated to,
If you are excited to create your dream life,
If you would love to be surrounded by people that cheer you on like crazy and support all of your goals,

If you would love to know how YOU can create this for yourself as well, email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message “BIZ” to find out HOW you can do this for yourself as well.

It’s time to set yourself free and truly be living a life that feels fully ALIGNED for you!!
You are so worth it,

You are so deserving of it,

Oceans of Love,

Sal x

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