I was imagining the worst case scenario.

I was imagining the worst-case scenario….

Feeling like a total failure,

Feeling so much anxiety,

So depressed, sad, and powerless in myself….

So much fear, stress, and anxiety coursing through my body.


2 mins later,

I felt connected,

I felt blessed,

I felt grateful,

I felt excited,

I felt aligned,

I felt that I have so much to give and share……

This was me this morning.

So, what changed?

I questioned my painful and stressful thought, and it landed me right back in my heart and the truth of who I am. I’ve practiced this method for years and can quickly shift from my fearful mind, back to my heart….

The challenge with being human is that we have a fear-based survival mind, that if left unchallenged and to its own devices will focus on absolutely everything that could hurt you, harm you, or go wrong.

There is no shame in feeling or thinking any of these things, we ALL experience these things as part of being human, but knowing that you can change it, is what sets you FREE.

Your ego/survival mind’s job is to protect you, but sometimes it can go into overdrive, alerting you to every single possible thing that could happen, or that has happened (because it wants to prevent you from going through it again.)

Yet the problem is, we FEEL it ALL at the moment we are thinking about it as if it HAS HAPPENED….

And when we don’t challenge these catastrophising thoughts, they become our reality, both in what we are starting to attract from a vibrational level, but also, what we are essentially LIVING, because we are FEELING it every day….

I believe this is the core of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY, the direction of our thoughts and if we don’t take our own power back and create our own COMPELLING FUTURE, and redirect our FOCUS to what we DO WANT, then life can and does get really, hard….

I lived it for 14 years…. Because I didn’t know I COULD change them, or even HOW to change them.

It’s also why I’m so passionate about sharing this information because far too many people are still suffering listening to the lies in their heads.

I still have them too, it’s part of being human and it is exacerbated if we are extra tired or physically unwell, or have unhealed past trauma, because the mind becomes hypervigilant to protect the body.

It’s also why our mental well-being is so diminished in burnout and learning how to change your thoughts is such a critical piece in preventing and healing burnout.

And not just logically telling yourself to change your thoughts, but actually FEELING the emotional shift internally.

Otherwise, you’re just fighting with yourself all day long and still feeling like rubbish.

And this is just some of what I’ll be teaching in the Healing and Regulating your Nervous System Class next Tuesday the 24th of January at 11 am (Sydney Time.)

Learning how to shift our thoughts is one of the most powerful KEYS to regulating your nervous system. Remember your stress response occurs in your body, just with a thought, not even with an actual event.

  1. I promise it will improve every area of your life.
  2. You will feel so much more freedom.
  3. You will be able to express and communicate more effectively.
  4. You will be able to follow your own heart and do what’s right for you.
  5. You will be able to take steps to create and live your most authentic life and you will feel free from the deep fear that often holds so many humans back from living their fullest lives.

I can’t wait to share, more about this topic, as it’s key to healing burnout, overcoming sickness, exhaustion, and disease, and living a freer and happier life.

If you would love to:

  1. Bring your body back into homeostatic balance, in a relatively short space of time and feel so much calmer in your body.
  2. Build resilience and capacity again
  3. Take the accelerator and handbrake off in your nervous system (fight/flight and freeze response.)
  4. Get better sleep
  5. Reduce inflammation
  6. Feel better emotionally and mentally
  7. longer living in chronic ongoing stress.

Then grab your online ticket, by clicking the button below for this incredible hour of healing, learning, and implementing, limited numbers. (ONLY $19)

Get your ticket now!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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