I wasn’t going ALL IN…..

Have you ever felt like that before?

I felt stuck and blocked.

I knew there was another level for me in my life’s work and mission and business,


I knew I was holding back to some degree,

I had so much resistance to showing up in the way I truly knew I wanted to and that I was also capable of and I realised there was so much fear.

Fear that going ALL IN, meant at all costs…..

The cost of time to my relationship and family,

The cost to my physical wellbeing and body,

The cost of living in push and having to do all the things, no matter what…..

I’d been there before,

I’d lived that way and it crushed my soul and burnt me out big time.

It was so much hustle, push, strive, force things to happen energy.

I wasn’t creating from my feminine flow,

I was pushing from immense fear.

This fear was coming from lack and scarcity type thinking.

It was coming from the fear of failure,

It was coming from the fear of not being enough, or having enough, especially for my girls as a single Mumma.

It was coming from the fear of not ever getting there.

Which literally was blocking me from RECEIVING and breaking my own heart and body in the process.

It seems so illogical from what we are taught about the world – the harder we work, the more we receive, or the more deserving we are. It’s such an old outdated paradigm.

AND It’s just NOT true.

That old PARADIGM is crumbling.

MORE and more are making the SHIFT.

The shift into EASE and FLOW,


The results are EPIC.

I have found so many times, that the more FUN I have, the more JOY I experience, the more I incorporate REST, NURTURE and PLEASURE into my life, the more I RECEIVE.

The more I can UPLIFT and INSPIRE others from this place,

The more I do this, the MORE connected I am with my HEART and SOUL led guidance.

The more I do this the more ABUNDANT I become,

Money flows easier,

Joy flows easier,

My results happen magically.

I ATTRACT incredible OPPORTUNITIES into my life, (literally had someone message me yesterday with another amazing opportunity that supports my business to expand.)

GONE are the days of pushing and living from full masculine energy.

Going ALL IN means living my BEST life.

Going ALL IN means deep faith, trust and belief.

Going ALL IN means deep commitment to my vision of who I am becoming and what I am creating in my life and a deep KNOWING that it is INEVITABLE.

Going ALL IN means times of stretching, times of massive growth, leaps and moving beyond my previous edges,


Going ALL IN means times of REST, NURTURE, PLEASURE and massive JOY on a REGULAR basis.

I KNOW what this is so deeply in my HEART, because it’s who I ultimately became as a MUM.

I went from always exhausted, falling asleep when my beautiful girls read their school readers to me at 4pm in the afternoon, to learning that it was not only important but NECESSARY for me to TAKE TIME out for me, to fill my cup, to nurture my SOUL.


When I did that, I showed up as a better VERSION of me. My relationship with my girls, became natural and easy. I positively influenced them from a greater place of love, not fear and authoritarian.

AND best of all I LOVED who I was and who I was becoming as a MUM, now I get to recommit to this all over again in another way.

With my business, with my life and with the next chapter of my life and who I’m becoming in this new phase.

And just over 6 months ago, I received an invitation to watch a powerful MASTERCLASS.

It showed me exactly how to:

STEP into even more EASE and FLOW.

STEP into even more automated and leveraged INCOME.

STEP into impacting even more Gorgeous Women and Empowering and Activating them to truly find FREEDOM and CREATE their DREAM LIFE.

It reignited a MASSIVE PASSION from within.


It brought me into THE MOST incredible COMMUNITY and SOOOO much GROWTH already.

It has ALREADY changed and TRANSFORMED my life in profound WAYS and I’m only just getting started!

Do you FEEL the CALL?

Do you FEEL the SHIFT?

Do you KNOW just how DAMN POWERFUL you truly are?

Would you LOVE to be making a DIFFERENCE in the WORLD?

Are you LOOKING for a NEW WAY of BEING?

Would you LOVE to create greater FLOW, EASE and WEALTH in your LIFE?

Would you LOVE to be able to WORK from ANYWHERE?



If that’s you sister, then email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au, or PM me today.

In just THREE days, there is a POWERFUL MASTERCLASS, just like the one I attended,

Be prepared for it to IGNITE your SOUL,


And UPLEVEL your MINDSET and give you the HOW, with an automated and LEVERAGED STRATEGY to create UNCAPPED INCOME online.

So excited for you to be a part of this, my life has forever changed as a result of attending one of these masterclasses and it can CHANGE yours too, if you let it.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


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