If money were your spouse or partner, how long would it stick around?

What you feel and think about money matters…..

Do you feel annoyed?

Do you feel like there’s never enough?

Do you feel stressed and out of control?

Do you feel resentment that you feel you have to work hard for it?

Do you feel frustrated that there’s not more of it?

Do you feel powerless?

Do you feel panicked and fearful?

Or that it’s never there when you need it to be?

Are you constantly blaming it, for the problems you have in your life?


Do you feel blessed and grateful?

Do you feel supported?

Do you feel loved and taken care of?

Do you feel like there’s more than enough?

Do you feel like it’s always there for you?

If money were your intimate partner, how long would it stick around for, with the way you treat it, with how you feel about it, with how you communicate with it and speak about it?

Money is an energetic co-creator with us and how we FEEL about it matters!

HOW you FEEL about money, is a massive indicator of your current relationship with it.

Healing this and becoming conscious of this is absolutely CRITICAL to increasing your ABUNDANCE and also HEALING your ENERGY and your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Otherwise, we end up living in such a state of fear, lack, and contraction in our life and this massively impacts our health, our wellbeing, our relationships and our personal happiness.

Not to mention all of the other incredible benefits and flow-on effects in your life, from living from a place of feeling greater levels of gratitude, greater levels of trust, greater levels of feeling blessed, inflow, and in alignment.

You can have the BEST STRATEGY in the world and without this vital KEY, and healing your relationship with money, you will find a way to mess it up.

One of my favourite mentors is a living and breathing embodiment of this work in transforming her relationship with money.

I participated in a 7-Day Money Activation course recently and TRIPLED my INCOME that week!!! This is how powerful this work is.

And she is running an AMAZING MASTERCLASS tomorrow at 1 PM Sydney Time!!!

In it, she will be sharing her incredible energy and wisdom about money and her relationship with it, AND the EXACT STRATEGY that she is using that has given her complete financial freedom and supported everyday women, just like you and me, to create 6 & 7 Figure incomes,

AND a DIGITAL ONLINE ASSET that is LEVERAGED and AUTOMATED and can become a LEGACY for your family.

I’ve got a few free tickets left to give out, (Value $997) message me, or drop a comment below if you’d love to attend this VALUABLE MASTERCLASS.

I’ve only got a few left, so email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au today if you’d love one.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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