One of the biggest challenges I’ve seen in myself and clients over the years to being able to step through and truly create the changes they want to in their life is their FEAR……

The very REASON they believe or want their life to change, is the REASON that they use, as to WHY it CAN’T….

I want more money, but I don’t have the money to invest….

I want more time, but I don’t have the time to build my business….

I want more of a life for myself and my kids, but I can’t do it because I’m a single Mum….

I want better health, but I’m so tired that I don’t have the energy….

The paradigm shift that needs to occur, is a DECISION, that this very same REASON, needs to become WHY it HAS to change….

I want more money, so I have to find a way that I CAN invest….

I want more time, so I will find a way that I CAN find the time to build my business…

I want more of a life for myself and my kids, so I will find a WAY to do it as a single Mum….

I want more energy, so I will find a WAY to improve my health….

And if we don’t CHOOSE to make NEW DECISIONS, to create a NEW REALITY, then nothing changes…..

The most POWERFUL thing I’ve learnt through all my years of personal development and working with thousands of people is that we must take ACTION from the place, of ALREADY having the result that we want to have…..

AND that honestly scares the heck out of my ego mind.

It will throw all its FEARS at you.

Why it won’t work,

Why it’s a bad idea,

Why you may fail,

Why you will be judged by others,

And if you don’t CHOOSE to embrace these, love these and FACE OFF with these FEARS, they become your LIMITS….




Just read that again…..

Every time you DON’T face your fears, your doubts, your insecurities (all really human and normal to have…)

You just get to BUMP into them and have them BLOCK you and STOP you AGAIN and AGAIN…..








And step THROUGH your FEARS, by choosing to take action on your dreams ANYWAY…..

The only difference between those that stepped forward and claimed what they wanted, is they CHOOSE to ACCESS their COURAGE….

And they had a BIG REASON WHY!

(My girls have always been my WHY…

My LOVE for them and what I wanted to create for them, has always every time carried me through my FEARS…..)

Everyone still has all the fears, we have the self-doubts, we have the insecurities, we have the fear it may not work, or the fears that we didn’t know how we don’t have the money, we don’t have the time,



What are your PATTERNS?

What are your FEARS?

What is your normal DEFAULT STORY?

What normally STOPS you?

What do you tell yourself when you have a new opportunity presented to you, that really DOES HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

It gets to CHANGE today…..

If you had ALREADY created your DREAM life, what decisions would you have made?

What would you have done?

If your DREAM LIFE includes creating more money,

We have to shift from FEAR into INVESTOR….

We have to no longer buy into lack and scarcity,

But to embrace POSSIBILITY….

And it’s hard but necessary…. I remember back in 2009, when I first became a single Mum and I was literally saving for 3 weeks to buy my girls an ice cream, every dollar was accounted for…… AND I CHOOSE to invest $6000 into a Kinesiology course…. I had no idea how I was going to pay for it.

But I knew in my HEART, I had to follow that DREAM.

And I said YES and literally within a few days, one of my old employers reached out to me and offered me a day’s work, on top of the other job I was working, which equated to the EXACT amount I needed to pay the course off……


When we have the COURAGE to act from our HEART.

What do you need to shift and change?

What do you need to say YES to?

Where have you been holding yourself back, that you,


Now DECIDE, that this gets to shift and change for you.

It’s all possible,

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


One of the BIGGEST THINGS that has changed my life this year is DECIDING to create more AUTOMATION and LEVERAGE with my income and CREATING multiple streams of INCOME, even though my business is already a 6 Figure biz…

With all that’s happening in the world currently, it is NOW more important than EVER BEFORE to SECURE your FINANCIAL future…..

To plant your flag and DECIDE that you get to be the determining factor of how well you THRIVE…..

It is not your employer’s responsibility, it is not your spouse’s responsibility, and it is no one else’s responsibility to keep you financially secure, but yourself…..

And to be honest, we’ve seen the fallout from COVID…..

I would personally never just rely on one SOURCE of income…

Setting you and your family up for LIFE is one of the most powerful gifts you can ever give yourself…

I’m talking Legacy income that can be passed down to your children.

I’m talking automation and leveraged income.

I’m talking about creating an online digital asset, that pays you again and again.

I’m talking about becoming your most empowered self.

I’m talking about surrounding yourself with like-minded heart-centred solopreneurs that are making a massive difference in the world.

I’m talking about getting to shift and change your life exponentially inside and out.

I’m so epically excited about this…

And it’s all possible right now…

Email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au to find out how…..

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