If today were your last day.

A couple of times in this last week I have listened to a podcast or talk with this theme and it made me reflect deeply about my life.

It’s not a question that I like to live my life by. But I do believe that once in a while it’s a very important question to ask ourselves.

For me, it’s a check-in, on how I am currently living my life and how I am showing up. 

What would I want my loved ones to know?

Would I have any regrets? 

What would I feel most blessed and grateful for? 

What would matter most to me?

These are such important things to consider. Because we can get so caught up in the day-to-day stresses of life and forget about what matters most. 

We can end up sweating the small stuff, and letting it steal those magical moments away from our loved ones. Robbing ourselves of the pure delight that can come from the miracle of living.

The profundity of the question brings us back into our hearts. 

This is the blessing of this question. 

It directs us to exactly what matters most in our hearts. 

The challenge with being human is that we often believe the voice in our head. The need to’s, should’s, have to’s. 

All the rules we believe we need to follow to be a “good and right” human being. 

All the rules that we have to live a particular way so that we can finally feel that we are enough. 

The painful truth is that none of that, will ever bring you lasting happiness and joy, and none of that is what the soul cares about. 


Your soul does not care about what you do or don’t get done in a day.

Your soul does not care about how successful you are, or how much money you make. 


Your soul cares about WHO you are being, in every moment. 

What truly matters most to you?

If there were one thing that you could tell the world, what would that be? 

Give yourself this gift of asking these questions today. 

Sit with them and let the answers arise from within your heart. 

And then give yourself the gift of acting on these questions. 

It will free you and bring you so much joy and inner peace. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 

Sal xox 


Our own reactivity, deep fears and past wounds can often keep us in reactive or volatile situations with our loved ones. 

Every relationship you have will be a reflection of your own relationship with yourself. Years ago, I hated someone saying that to me. However, I am so grateful they did.

It changed my life and my perspective. 

It also helped me to take full responsibility for healing myself and my life and creating what I desired instead. 

It helped me to create incredible relationships with my girls and loved ones. 

It brought so much healing to my intimate relationship. 

Doing the inner work is so powerful to shifting these long-held beliefs. It is essential to creating a life that you love.

Everything you attract into your own life comes from how you feel about you. 

That is why Knowing your Worth is so essential. 

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