If you are exhausted, this ONE thing makes all the difference…..

Can you guess what it is?

It’s self-love….

Here’s why….

Until you love, validate and approve of yourself, you will always have a tendency to lean towards attempting to receive validation and approval outside of yourself, this leads to people pleasing tendencies.

When we don’t love ourself, we don’t feel enough, we often self-punish through not allowing ourself to rest, take care of ourself, voice our opinion, have our own needs met, or even request to have our needs met.

We often don’t give ourself permission to relax, play and have fun.

Because unworthiness and guilt often co-exist.

And guilt often seeks to be punished… (Unconsciously).

This also leads to perfectionism, which is exhausting in itself, often over thinking, over analysing, immense fear of failure, leading to procrastination, paralysis when attempting to make life changes.

And attempting to “prove” our worthiness and value by how much we do, how much we help, or how much we get done in a day…..

Can you see why Self-Love is such a MASSIVE issue, if you don’t maintain healthy levels of this?

To heal this, watch the video below to know the EXACT 4 steps you’ll need to take to heal your body, self-love and to reclaim your health to get back to following your heart, and living with joy again.

Watch it here!

To book your appointment with me, to get clear on where you are currently at, and what’s really holding you back from Self-Love and Healing your body, book your complimentary call with me now by clicking the button below!

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With Love and Blessings, 

Sal x

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