If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do differently?

If you were completely financially free and never had to worry about money again, what would you do differently?

Imagine just for a moment, you wake up and it’s Monday morning,

You hear the rush of traffic outside as, you arise with so much excitement, passion and joy about your day ahead….

There’s no where to be, and nothing that HAS to be done!

And you get to follow your soul and intuitive guidance.

You might choose to have your most delicious and nutritious breakfast,

Drinking your cuppa slow, as there is no rush,

Mindfully eating and truly enjoying your meal in the sunshine,

Or tending lovingly to your kids, because there’s no time pressure.

You might choose to go for a walk on the beach,

Or do your favourite exercise routine,

Or even take some extra special time with your intimate partner…..

Breathe in the freedom, the spacious, the choices….

And the security in knowing that money is no longer a stress.

What else would your soul want to do that day?


Write your Book?

Travel to your favourite destination?

Make a difference and help people in some way?

Spend true quality time with your loved ones?

Read your child a book?

Spend time in nature?


Ride your bike?

Finally get fit again?

Learn a new hobby?

Spend time with your pet?

Learn something new?

Start the charity project you’ve always wanted to?

The thing is, so many people live their life based off needing to make money and survive and I get it, we all need that, I especially did as a single Mumma raising my 2 girls for 12 years being the sole provider for our family.

Yet when we continue to let money dictate to us, how we need to live, or even worse rob us of the precious moments with our loved ones, especially our kids, it hurts.

It hurts our soul,

It hurts our hearts, and it creates resentment around money and needing money.

Money is not the problem.

Our relationship to it, and the fact we’ve bought into an illusion that we have to trade our time for money can keep us stuck.

It’s the very reason I started my own business.

I wanted to make an impact and a difference in the world,

I wanted more time freedom and flexibility to be there for my girls before and after school.

I wanted a way that I could travel for at least 6-8 weeks of the year with my girls on school holidays and not lose income.

I wanted to be able to work when I wanted, from where I wanted, and with who I wanted.

I wanted flexibility to be able to get super fit, to go for my morning walks, and to have slower mornings if I wanted or needed.

Or even to structure my workload in a way that truly supported my monthly cycle.

Coaching was the way I created that for myself and whilst it’s been a super rewarding journey, it’s also come with its challenges, including burnout and exhaustion.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about finding powerful ways to create multiple streams of income both passive as well as automated and leveraged.

In March next year, I will have totally replaced my monthly coaching income (6 Figure biz) and then some. I’m already at $3k per month passive. (And I know in my heart I will keep coaching, as I love it, but this extra $$$ gives me even more choice and flexibility in how I do that.)

Not to mention I’ll have more than enough to continue compounding assets in a powerful way.

I’m also passionate about automation and leverage and making a big difference in the world.

Helping empower women not only to find their voice, but to step into their most authentic self, living life on their own terms, getting to spend the time they truly want to with their loved ones, as well as getting time to rest, time for self-care and to truly show up as the best version of themselves is so powerful, without the stress or fear of money issues.

I know what it’s like to truly be in the money struggle, when I first became a single Mum, I was only earning $300 a week and it was terrifying.

If you would truly love more freedom, more flexibility, more time with your loved ones, and a way that you can truly make an epic difference in the world, then email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message “FREEDOM LIFE” or DM me.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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