If you have a big heart, this is for you.

I believe heart led women are here to change the world.

I believe that women are absolutely being called forward at this time.

I believe that the more money that heart led women allow themselves to create, that it will have an exponential, positive flow on effect to our communities and those in need.

I believe that if you can, you must.

It is not only our birthright, but also our responsibility to take care of our finances and be wealthy.

We cannot serve the world if we are living in day to day survival.

We have to rise above that to step into abundance, expansion and contribution.

It is the next era that we are ushering in.

Now is the time, more than ever before to be the change we wish to see in the world.

To be so clear in our own vision.

To be so clear in what’s possible for humanity.

To be so clear in providing a solution for ourself first, then getting to share that with the world.

More than ever people need our help.

More than ever people are in pain,

More than ever we need leaders that are empowered, certain and clear in their pathway.

And we cannot give from an empty cup.

If you are exhausted, tired, burnt out, no longer aligned for your job, for what you’ve been doing,

It is absolutely time to find another way.

A way that will give you and your family absolute certainty in the times ahead.

A way that gives you multiple income streams and can pay you for life,

A way that truly sets you free to share your voice, share your gifts and to truly be who you know you are being called to be.

I know your heart.

I know you feel a pull to do something more….

I know you know deep down inside you are here to live into a big purpose,

To make a difference,

To be all that you can be,

To help empower other women and help set them free also.

By sharing our light with others,

We do not lose our own light,

In fact we burn brighter,

Just like a candle lighting another candle.

It grows brighter whilst doing so.

This is the power we hold collectively as women.

This is the opportunity we have right now.

Do not get lost in the FEAR, the UNCERTAINTY of the times AHEAD.

Right now is the time, to surround yourself with leaders, with inspiration, with way showers, that are leading the way.

Right now is the time to prepare,

Prepare our mindset,

Prepare our spirit,

Prepare our finances,

Prepare our physical body,

Prepare our emotional body,

Prepare yourself to be so strong, to be so unwavering in your own confidence and certainty of the path ahead.

You are being called.

We are the lightworkers of the world.

You know who you are.

If you are ready to step into another level of CERTAINTY,

Another level of CLARITY,

Another level of VISION,

And making a DIFFERENCE in the world,

Then DM me now beautiful.

It’s time.

It’s time for you to STEP into your POWER.

It’s time for you to CREATE exponential WEALTH, SECURITY and CERTAINTY.

It’s time to EMPOWER other women with POSSIBILITY and breathe BELIEF into them.

It’s time to BE all that you are meant to BE.

It’s time to truly set yourself FREE.

To be unwavering in a time when others are engulfed in fear.

This is where LEADERS are BORN.

And you KNOW in your HEART, that is YOU.

You were BORN for this time in history and humanities evolution.

You were BORN to be a lamp lighter for others.

You were BORN to make a difference and truly shape this new world we are ushering in.

If you’ve been feeling restless,

If you’ve been feeling the call,

This is your sign,

It’s time.

Email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au now hun, to find out how you can step into incredible certainty, security and create exponential wealth, and to become the leader you know you were born to be.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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